A Naruto RPG where you can RP as a canon character or make a custom one! Battle one another, find love, make your own organization, fight your way to the top! Anything is possible!
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 About Naruto: Path of the Ninja

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PostSubject: About Naruto: Path of the Ninja   Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:44 pm

Hello and welcome to Naruto: Path of the Ninja!
This is a Naruto RPG focusing on the Shippuuden part of Naruto. You can be any canon character you want, as long as it's not taken. Look at the list inside the canon character creation to see which ones are taken. You can also be dead characters, but in their applications put how they got revived. You can also make a custom character. You're allowed to have one of your custom characters be any rank you want, but the other two have to be either students, genin, or chunnin. You can rank up in exams, which will be held once a month for teams of three. Once you make your app, you will be put into a team along with two other members and a jounin.
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About Naruto: Path of the Ninja
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