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 Trowa Shinra~Rin'negan User~

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PostSubject: Trowa Shinra~Rin'negan User~   Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:24 pm

General Information

Name: Trowa Shinra
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Rank: Genin
Looks: (Ventus from the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep)

Village: Konohagakure

Personal Information

Likes:Completing his mission with excellent status,doing work ahead of time,likes strategy games that help him think,organized stuff and functioning,well trained and skilled squad,defeating his opponent with his brain power other then his physical strength

Dislikes:Idiots,a disorganized team and unfunctioning squad,

Personality toward other people: Trowa acts much like Sasuke Uchiha towards many people,accept hes much more meaner towards them. With certain people such as the elderly,or higher ranking ninja he shows respect but keeps the same personality as he does to others.


Element(s): Wind,Earth,Fire,Water,Lightning,Nature(Yin/Yang)
Weapons: Trowa's

Substitution Jutsu
Body Replacement jutsu
Body Flicker
Clone Technique

Background/RP Sample

Trowa was born in Konohagakure and raised to be a very honorable yet go-getter type guy. He was a big dreamer and a dream chaser and his brother was also. His brother's name was Trace and Trace was a bigger dream chaser than Trowa was. Trowa and Trace had very good team work. Both were great at combination jutsus. Trowa and his brother got into all sorts of trouble but seem to never get caught which is good since they wanted to become a ninja and getting caught while stealing something for a mission is bad. By them never getting caught they were great at stealth. Trowa and Trace,on a dark night, the brothers snuck into a blacksmith's home and he created powerful blades. The blacksmith's secret was he would design special and unique looking weapons and use chakra control to send some of his chakra into the weapons he created to give special abilities to them. He also uses scrolls and juinjutsu,fuinjutsu and kinjutsu on the weapons. Trowa and Trace found a blade called the Akakisaki(Red Queen) and the sword looked so great and unique,Trace had the strange idea of taking it. Trowa wasnt agaisnt it but he wasnt also for it. Trace and Trowa eventually discussed it then ultimately took it.Until one day there parents died from a ninja assult on Konohagakure. Both were angry at the ninja and village who killed them. They took there anger out on the poor man old man who asked for money on the same day. The next day,Trowa and Trace went to visit their old home in which they lived because they now live with their grandparents. Trace went in first to mourn over the parents loss lives and have some time to himself to remember them. Trowa went next,trowa was already sad before walking inside,trace stepped out and trowa stepped in and thats when Trowa hell began. Trowa took a very long time to get over his parent's death. While that was happening,there old friends, Shi and Kurama were assigned a mission to defeat the brother and bring them in for experimentation to make Konohagakure ultimate weapons by Danzo. Shi and Kurama were at first agaisnt but knew it was for the good of the village and they will be protected so if saving people or save there friends. They chose save the people of konohagakure. Trowa had just walked out of the home and it started to rain,Shi was heading to there location by trucking through the snow and Kurama took the smart way and went through the lifeless trees. Trowa was already angry and knew something was up when he spotted Shi take out a kunai and threw it at them. Shi and Trace began fighting after Trowa countered with a Kunai of his own. Kurama and Trowa started fighting then,Shi and Trace were a match and both fought each other,there was no winner since they both fell out from exhaustion. Trowa was going to kill Kurama but was put under a juinjutsu in which he had to choose between taking his own life or someone elses, Kurama then body flickered away and took Shi's body with him. Trowa had to kill his own brother. (Note Trowa and Trace arent ninja so they street brawl but as for Shi and Kurama they are high ranking genin.). Later after a few years, Trowa still misses his brother trace and wonders Why,why doesn his eyes look so different from others? He now enrolled into the Ninja Academy,scaring most older ninja and villages because they all know what secret he holds. That the Rin'negan is alive and the weilder is living in the village along with the Nine tailed fox. Konohagakure is now the strongest village. Danzo even has plans of using Naruto and Trowa for his own reasons. After graduating he was listed under the new squad 7 which is known as Team Kakashi. Trowa knew thats the best thing that happened to him so far and the ninja of konoha agreed aswell.
RP Sample:
(Note this is the original rp sample of the character,Trowa Shinra and does not relate to the history but is similar ^^.)
RP Sample:Back for the Memory.
Trowa and his brother Trace go back to where they lived to visit the home of which they use to live. There is something wrong in the air,their old friends are acting odd. Shi and Kurama set their eyes for something that the Shinra brother's never expected.
Note: This is when Trowa became an S-Ranked ninja for killing fellow Yukigakure ninja.
Trace awaited Trowa,who was newly reformed. Trace had talked his brother out of Suicide to meet his parents up in heaven. She awaited him outside the old home in which Trace and Trowa lived. Trowa was inside mourning over his lost parents and took a few moments of silence to remember their deaths. The longer he took inside that home,the angrier he had gotten at The people that killed them. His eyes spinning rapidly with hate,the inside,his emotions raged as he remembered that fateful day like it was yesterday. He remembers every single detail and regrets remembering.During one of the great shinobi wars in Yukigakure, two shinobi broke into Trowa and Trace's house looking for food, thinking that the house had been abandoned. Their parents, believing they were going to be killed, attacked the two strangers so Trowa could escape. Thinking that they were enemy ninja, the shinobi killed Trowa and Trace's parents, prompting Trowa and Trace to awaken his rage and dispose of the intruders. They would come to consider this incident the first great pain of their life. They left their home with no one to call family for help. THey was all alone in the world,until they met a stray dog,who they befriended with and named Shinra. After awhile they met Kurama and Shi,they looked out for each other ever since then. Trowa awakened from his trance of past events and remembered he had Trace awaiting outside in the cloudy weather. He in his black cloak leaned agaisnt the house,waiting for Trowa to come out. There was no door in their old home but only complete darkness. As Trowa approached the door to leave his home the only thing that was showing was his glassy Heterochromia eyes that was deep and full of hate towards the shinobi and the village they hailed from,sorrow. He took one step with his right foot and left hand reached out to grab the doorway frame. Trowa stuck his head outside of his home and a sharp sound of thunder came from up above. It started to drizzle alittle and Trace began to walk closer to Trowa. Trowa stepped fully out of his old home and it began to rain normally. His nicely dressed hair,in a ponytail.They both leaned agaisnt the house as they awaited their fellow friends who were Jounin at the time and so was Trace and Trowa. Trowa was very skilled in the Taijutsu and Ninjutsu and Trace was great in Genjutsu. They both was considered the S-Skilled Jounin duo of Yukigakure. Shi,was seen running through the snow and threw lifeless trees,breathing hard which was very noticable since you breathe,you exhale and inhale. When Shi exhale a cloud of smoke left his lungs and entered the air. Jei smirked and awaited Shi to arrive through the heavy snow. Not knowing,the Shinra brothers were about to be assasinated by their own best friends due to an conspiracy in the Yukigakure government(I really dont know what they call meetings in the ninja world so i said government). Trowa was not always friendly to Kurama and Kurama really didn't like Trowa much either,Kurama was seen running from the left towards the SHinra brothers. Trace's arrogance and ignorance allowed him to greet them without noticing that Shi pulled out a Kunai. Shi was running towards Trace with a kunai in his right hand and reaching for steel wires with the other. Kurama who was heading towards Trowa's way,had his eyes set on Trace aswell. Trowa didn't allow it and when Shi attempted to throw his kunai at Trace,Trowa threw a Kunai at Shi with an exploding tag attached to it. Trace saw the kunai heading towards him but it was blocked by Trowa's Kunai. The exploding tag was not lit,Trace immediately took action agaisnt Shi and grabbed Trowa's kunai while it was it in the air after the colision with Shi's Kunai and ran towards Shi. Trowa pulled out his Katana and glanced around the senory, remembering that Shi and Kurama work together alot so Kurama cannot be too far from this. Kurama used body flicker technique and appeared behind Trowa who was drawing his second Katana and attempted to behead Trowa with a specially made kunai that seems more like a tanto. Trowa smirked and was beheaded by Kurama, not knowing,Kurama arrogance blinded him to the fact that it was a substitution jutsu and that Trowa was behind him. Shi and Jei were running head on with each other, they both leaped into the air. Jei armed with nothing but the strength of his fists and Shi armed with nothing but his Taijutsu talent, they clashed with each other in mid air several times before they both reached the ground exhausted from the constant punches both of them took from each other. Jei and Shi were both glaring at each other with Hate in there eyes,both crying at the fact that they were such great friends and now they have to resort to fighting. After a few more seconds,a single tear fell from their eye and they both clashed in mid air with all there might and they both fell to the ground. Both are out cold and it was only left to Trowa and Kurama. Trowa glared at the back of Kurama's head. "This is your end." Trowa said as he attempted to slice at Kurama's body rapidly. Kurama used Body flicker and preformed handseals to put a temporary curse seal on Trowa. The curse seal allowed the one effected by it 2 choices. The choices were,take a life of give up yours. The curse seal was not going to kill Trowa but Paralyze him for life until he did eventually get killed or die. Trowa had a few moments to kill someone or this curse seal will eventually kill him. Kurama then body flickered away with Shi and left Trowa and Trace. Trowa's choice was to kill his own brother or die. Usually the brother would give his own life for a family member. Trowa didn't even hesitate to take the life of his own brother.

©️ Aubrey

Izuna:Your time will end.Izuna has rose again and wants to Destroy Konoha.
Madara:Yes,Us Uchiha will Dominate as the Superior Clan and Rule Konoha The birth of the Uchiha Clan.

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PostSubject: Re: Trowa Shinra~Rin'negan User~   Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:47 pm

Approved, Welcome to team seven.
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I am Sasuke Uchiha, the kage of the Sound, the leader of Snake, and your worst nightmare. Try to kill me and you die, fight me and I'll rip your head off. Leave me alone and you might live... but I can't promise you it.

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Trowa Shinra~Rin'negan User~
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