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 I suppose I have to repost this

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PostSubject: I suppose I have to repost this   Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:10 pm

General Information

Name: Haku Sessei
Nicknames - "Yajuu Shourisha"
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Rank: Akatsuki

Head & Face:
Haku has a heart-shaped, porcelain face. She is unmarked by scars or blemishes at all. Her flesh has a slightly pale tone to it, with a hint of a natural tan that was washed away by long amounts of time spent away from the sunlight. Her eyes are a dark brown colour, almond shaped and framed by thick, dark eyelashes. Haku's lips are somewhere between thin and full, and naturally a rosy-pink colour. Slim and chiseled, her nose would complete her face. Some less defined features are her high cheek bones, slightly small forehead, and angular chin. Her jaw line isn't very defined, mostly because she is a female. Haku's right eye is a slightly different color than her left, though not by much, just a slight shade off. This is because her right eye is a glass eye, replacing her missing eye. Haku wears her crimson hair down almost all of the time, unless go off to war in her regal armor. Her bangs hang over the glass eye that appears to be her secret weapon against visual genjutsu. The hair goes down to the small of her back. However, when dressing in a more formal outfit or in regal armor, she ties it up in a messy bun, though the bangs still hang over her right eye.

Upper Body:
Haku typically wears a kimono, generally in colors of white and green, or purple and red. The majority of her height is in her torso, meaning that her chest is a bit longer than normal. She has an average bust size, larger than most women her age but not so large that it looks bad with her slim figure. She is extremely skinny, with a tight stomach. Her stomach is muscular, but not to the point where she has abs. Haku's arms are as pale as her face, with a few scars from old fights, but not as many as one would expect from such a close-combat fighter. Her arms are muscular, but like her stomach her muscles are compact, not showing through very obviously. Haku's fingers are long and thing, her nails not reaching past the edge of her finger, she doesn't like keeping them very long. Her fingernails are never painted, she doesn't believe in make-up.

Lower Body:
Haku, as described in 'Upper Body' typically wears a kimono of white and green or purple and red. As a result, she doesn't generally wear all that much else on her lower half. When wearing armor she wears boots on her feet, as they are a bit more sturdy than regular sandals. However, when she is dressed in a kimono she will wear the traditional wooden sandals and white stockings. Her legs are a bit shorter than normal, the majority of her height being in her torso. She has thin, powerful, pale legs. They are smooth and always shaved, which is to be expected of a woman, even a warrior. Her right thigh bares a nasty scar, but no one would see that unless they were very close to her, and that wasn't going to happen any time soon. Her feet are really small, her toes short unlike her fingers. Her toenails are never painted, like her fingernails, she doesn't believe in such things.

Distinguishing Features/Tattoos/Jewelry/etc.:
Haku has quite a few distinguishing features, though most wouldn't be able to tell what they were unless they had a detailed profile on her. First, she has a glass eye that is slightly darker than her other eye. This eye protects her from low-level visual techniques if necessary. Second, she is a wielder of a deadly Naginata named "Hakkyou" which is unmistakeable if the viewer is familiar with the weapon. There is no other Naginata that looks like it. Next, she has a nasty scar on her inner right thigh which runs almost the entire length of the inside of her thigh. It is a scar from the fight that earned her Hakkyou. Next, she has a tattoo on her right upper arm. This tattoo is of an artistic heart, missing about a third of itself. It is her signature
Pictures of quick sketches taken by and edited on my phone ftw!

Village:Kirigakure no Sato

Personal Information
Haku is a tricky bastard. She uses both mental tricks and multiple, high-speed attacks, in multi-layered assaults on his opponent's mind and body, and allows for little chance of the opponent surviving her attacks. If she doesn't think an attack will be at least minimally effective she won't use it. Haku is an intense thinker, but she is by no means slow in coming up with a strategy. She thinks on her feet, spending the first chunk of a battle to completely measure her opponent before deciding the best way to take him down. She is vicious, leaving no opportunity for survival at all. However, she is not cruel, any and all kills she makes are quick and as painless as she can make them. While in combat she disregards both her allies and her opponents, and would sooner run her ally through to get to her enemy than she would take a hit for them. In the heat of battle she shows no mercy for those who get in the way, because it is their fault. She will fight anyone but children, purely because she wants them to grow and become a real threat so that their death will be a greater honor down the road.

Interaction with people:
Haku is very personable. She really enjoys chatting with people, and often finds herself disguised in some bar or another so that she can chat without fear of shinobi assaulting her. She likes to think of herself as the ambassador of the Akatsuki, because she is the best with conversation and negotiation. She is extremely charismatic, but it goes more deeply than that. Her blunt honesty and ability to read people allows her to get deep inside people's heads fast. She can figure someone out simply through their mannerisms, physical appearance, reactions, and even what they say. With this she can either break them with a few sentences or get a woman to fall for her easily. This comes in handy often, as it allows her to pull cons and gain trust without all that much in the way of effort. She loves being the one that everyone likes but no one talks to, because she honestly hates attention, but she hates loneliness even more.

Haku is outwardly a very confident person. She fronts her confidence to keep people from finding her weak points. When she talks she seems arrogant, confident, and strong-willed. On the inside she lacks all arrogance, confidence, and strength in will. If it weren't for her rank she would most likely break down at the slightest insult, but she forces herself to remain strong and keep acting the way she does because of the rank she holds. If one of her rank were to break down because someone made a jab at her dead mother the entire organization would lose respect for her. She truly hates herself, both for what she's done and what she can't do. Mentally she is constantly telling herself that she can't do things and that she sucks at everything she tries, even when its obvious that she doesn't.

Haku is a lover of foods and flowers, she spends most of her time in glades or forests purely because she loves the brilliance of life in a world of death and chaos. She really likes reading, and is often found walking around with her nose in a book, which usually ends in her hitting a person or a wall. Her life is his music, she is always listening to it and finding more music to listen to and enjoy. She does not like pain, or people who talk about what they don't know. She hates being picked on, and seeing others get picked on. Not a fan of violence, Haku prefers dispatching of people with words or at least clean kills to avoid too much bloodshed. Her favorite food is sushi, she could eat it all day. She loves the colors silver and black, though she is often the first to point out that black isn't actually a color. She is afraid of drowning, ironically, and of being left alone. Haku wants to see a world where everyone is cared for, no one is forsaken, and even orphans in a rough neighborhood can sleep without fear.


Element(s): N/A
Weapons: Next Topic
Name: Harigan no Jutsu - Glass Eye Technique
Rank: E
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: This technique is a simple ninjutsu that Haku learned throughout the years she spent at the academy. Channeling it through her glass eye, she is able to see just as well as she could if the eye were real.

Sealing Technique
Haku uses the above technique to seal her many polearms.

Background/RP Sample

.,:;Creation of Life, Dreams Destined to Fail;:,.
Haku was born a rainy day in the Mist. It wasn't a day that was all that special or awe-inspiring, many children were born that day and no big event was occuring. It seemed an important day to her parents, though, which no one was surprised about. They had done the most amazing thing two people could do together, they fostered life; and a truly powerful one at that. They didn't know the things their daughter would do or the person she would become, if they had they may have thought twice about making her. They were just happy that she was alive and well, and hoped she would be a wonderful little girl, and righteous kunoichi. It was such a shame that their hopes and dreams would be crushed, and unlike some luckier people, they would live to see the day that it happened. Haku would go through routine procedures, stay in the hospital as she was nursed and tested, and after a short while be sent home with her parents. Her life from there forward was normal and uninteresting. She made friends with neighbour's children, played ninja, dreamed of her life in the future, and lived as any normal child would. Then, one day, something would change her for life. One of her friends, a boy who lived a few houses away, threw a snowball at her while they were playing in the snow. The snowball had a rock in it, though he didn't know. When the snow hit her eye, the rock kept going, crushing her cornea. Two days later she returned home from the hospital with a glass eye. A few weeks later she started the ninja academy.

.,:;Training a Killer, Coping With a Defect;:,.
As she learned more an more about chakra and the system it ran through, she discovered that one of the main focusing gates of chakra was through the eyes. Using this method, and the help of a teacher who seemed willing to test and see if it would work, Haku developed a technique that allowed her to see through her glass eye. The eye, acting as a lens just as a regular eye would, sent the information through a channel of chakra, to her brain. It worked like a normal eye, except that unlike a normal eye everything was linked through chakra. As she refined and perfected the technique, she would also discover that visual genjutsu had little to no effect on her. The teacher, who also taught genjutsu, would often test the technique for her when she asked, to see how it was coming along, with a simple visual genjutsu. To her amazement, by the last year of the academy she would have perfected the simple technique. She graduated from the academy with even more under her belt than her fellow classmates.

.,:;Easing Slopes, Descending Slowly;:,.
As a genin, Haku wore her headband proudly. She wore it on her upper right arm, tied tight so that no matter what she was doing it wouldn't fall off. Even on her days off and when hanging out with friends she had her headband on. Sometimes her friends would joke that she even bathed with it on her arm, which simply wasn't true. She did bathe with it very near by, but it wasn't on her body. She traveled and worked with the same three people throughout her entire career as a kunoichi. These three people were her fellow squad fifteen members, and one of the finest ninja that she knew at the time. She even occasionally thought that her sensei was more powerful than the mizukage herself, purely because Haku had seen her sensei in the heat of battle, and yet all she knew of the Mizukage's job was that she stamped her approval on papers and told people what to do. As one could gather, she had a reputation for disrespecting authority, one that was too true and too often got her in serious trouble with more than just the Mizukage. It was at this point in time that Haku began thinking about things that most would find unhealthy for a kunoichi to dwell upon. She didn't fit in where she lived, she didn't like taking orders from someone that was so weak in her mind, and she didn't enjoy her life in the village. One day, as she pondered over this, her father saw her sullen face and got an idea. He gave her a bo-staff, her very own staff, and began to train her with it. She found it the most satisfying weapon she had learned to wield so far. As a result, it would become her main weapon in all forms of combat.

.,:;Examining a Prodigy, The Slopes Steepen;:,.
Haku entered the Chuunin exams as a genin with a squad, but she would leave a chuunin without one. The first test within the exam was extremely easy, she would pass it without any difficulty at all, and so would her teammates. As they traveled on to the second exam, things would become significantly more difficult. The Chuunin exam was once again being held at Konohagakure, and being an islander she wasn't used to surviving in such an expansive terrain. Her team would come in contact with a Kumogakure team that was very similar to them. Their elected leader was a spear-wielder, who seemed very gifted in the art. The way he moved with his weapon inspired Haku to attempt a weapon other than her staff, and would bring her even closer to her overall fate. Their other two shinobi, like Haku's comrades, were a girl who specialised in fuuinjutsu, and a male who focused completely on raw power and brute strength. It was odd and intriguing that they would be fated to meet, even more spectacular was that Haku's opponents held the scroll they needed. Haku's team walked away from the fight with the scroll they needed, and a boost in their self confidence. Haku alone walked away with something that neither of her teammates could boast. She walked away with a new weapon and insight into the art of wielding it.

The third task would be the one that took Haku's teammates from her. They were to fight other shinobi, and though their team was excellent as a cell, her team mates weren't very efficient in solo battles. Her male teammate didn't think often enough to do any real damage without someone telling him what to do, and her female team mate couldn't deal out any physical damage, she just weakened, distracted, and sealed the chakra of their opponents and let Haku and the others take over. Haku, however, did decently well. Again she would fight an opponent who wielded a polearm. However, this one was far different than the last. Her opponent wielded a trident, and excelled in water-based ninjutsu. He didn't use the trident as a weapon, but more a focus for his jutsu to be channeled through. Haku defeated him using her new spear, not sparing his life. From there she would move up in the tournament. Her next opponent didn't wield any weapons, he was a genjutsu user. His downfall was that his whole strategy revolved around getting her in a visual genjutsu. When he had her in the grasp of his genjutsu, Haku realized what he was trying. She quickly shut her right eye and activated the glass eye. Running him through from such a close distance was no trouble at all. She left the stadium a chuunin, vest in hand and two new weapons on her back.

.,:;A Rising Star, A Hero Destined to Fall;:,.
As a chuunin she had become even more arrogant and rebellious than before, which was a bad thing for someone with the responsibility of other's lives on their back. However, the Mizukage didn't want to pull her from her rank in the hopes that she would make an excellent Kunoichi anyway. She was given mainly solo missions, which was fine for her. The most crucial mission of her life would occur while she was still a Chuunin. On a mission to escort a nobleman on his way to the land of fire, they were ambushed by a group of samurai. It was from the lead Samurai that Haku would take the legendary "Hakkyou". This halberd whispered to her tales of grandeur and ultimate strength, something she couldn't achieve while working for such a weakling as the Mizukage. At first Haku shook these promises away, knowing all too well what happened to men and women who listened to voices from nowhere. There were far too many tales of evil spirits locked in weapons for Haku to trust a talking Naginata. She would return from the mission, however, a changed woman. She seemed much darker, more rebellious, and rather cynical. She didn't trust anyone, and as an attempt to escape working for a squad, she entered the Jounin Examination.

.,:;The Final Straw, Abandoning a Lifestyle;,.
She passed the exam with a surprising amount of ease considering the grizzly rumors that were spread about the difficulty of the exam. However, it was in the middle of the exam that was the most crucial part. She knew she would need a new weapon to get through it, and she didn't want to risk using Hakkyou, as she didn't yet know the extent of its powers. So, she traveled from the village with the week of time she had been given to prepare, and went into the mountains just off of the coast where she would land on the mainland. There she found at tribe of warrior people, who were quite some trouble. Here is where she would be forced to use Hakkyou for the first time. They were being terrorised by a massive creature who was native to the Mountains. Even with the full force of their tribe, they could not defeat the monster on their own. She agreed to help them, though she knew it would take time away from her searching for a new weapon. She would attempt fighting the massive beast with every weapon she had, failing with every attempt. Left with no choice, she drew Hakkyou and steeled herself for combat. The battle was long and grueling, but she would come out on top. She she dragged the body back to their camp with the help of seven strong men, they thanked her and fell over themselves in desperate attempts to bow to her while keeping up with her powerful stride. As a gift for her courage, they donned her with two weapons. The first, a sign of the never-ending fire that drove her, was the spear she would come to call Hiuchiishi. The second weapon, in recognition of her deed and a mark of her newest name "Yajuu Shourisha", they crafted a Halberd from the claw and forearm of the beast she killed. It was a new concept for her, fighting with a Halberd, but it worked. She would return to her village with four days to spare. As she trained, she also spoke with Hakkyou. It proved its worth in battle, so she felt she should trust it. It was also the weapon that would change her life forever. He told her of an imperial armor, unlike anything a ninja has ever worn before, which was lost to time. However, Hakkyou knew how to recreate it; but in order to obtain the materials, she would need more flexibility than a village would provide. Wanting nothing more than the power to defeat another at this point in time, probably because of the influence of Hakkyou, she would leave her village in search of the materials.
She would travel the world, gathering the materials required. The materials were odd ones, not metals and leathers like one would expect, though she would eventually need metals and leather for the base of the armor, but she also needed small things. A specific kind of gold powder which would be used to color the paint, small gems that held chakra well, things like that.

.,:;Joining the Winning Side, Exile of a Hero;:,.
While in the process of gathering materials, she ran into a man dressed in an odd cloak. He challenged her to fight him for some odd reason, and didn't wait for her response. He just leaped forward, attacking her with massive claws of chakra. Having little time, she drew the first weapon on her scroll. The massive halberd met his chakra claws and it was a stalemate. Haku slowly moved backward, being forced down and back by the force of his attack. She was slowly being forced deeper into the ground. With a burst of strength she would launch him backward, and prepare to strike. With more time to think and prepare, she replaced her halberd with the Naginata that had brought her into this lifestyle. The next time he tried to go at her with chakra claws, they were cut in half, the blade of the Naginata slicing straight through his arm. With a flick of her wrist she switched the direction of the slash and cut his torso through. Something small and gleaming fell at her feet from the hand she had just mutilated. It was a ring, the mark of an Akatsuki. She had known there was something familiar about his mode of dress. She took the ring, and anything else on his body that she felt might be useful, and sought out the Akatsuki. Joining the organization, she was given a task that went along with the collection of materials. She would travel the continent in search of materials and Bijuu at the same time. It seemed that the materials were less difficult to find, as she came across the rest of her list of materials before her first Bijuu. Stopping in the nearest town under the guise of a blacksmith, she listened the her Naginata as he walked her through forging the armor within the old man's forge she had so politely taken. After three weeks of work with little past the necessary amount of sleep and nourishment, her armor was crafted. She sealed the armor within a scroll, and continued her search for the Bijuu.

RP Sample:
Kozakura's soft, pink hair fell over her shoulder in
waves; covering nearly her entire torso with its length. The locks
scattered across her shoulders, the bangs pushed to the sides of her
face; creating a sort of pink frame for her heart-shaped visage. Her
sharp coral eyes scanned over the area and the little girl that stood
before her. She smiled without warmth or happiness, but more likely
because she expected that was what others might due when greeting a new
acquaintance and ally. Her soft pink lips were pulled into the light
arc that was her smile, not revealing the perfect. bleach-white pearls
that lay behind them. Her skin was pale as the sand grains that
remained on her dress, her eyes ringed with dark lines that were the
result of expertly applied make-up. No one knew why she wore make-up in
such a society, where one was judged by their strength instead of their
appearance, but she did so anyway. At her waist hung the other half of
her soul. It was in the form of what seemed to be a hand-and-a-half
sword, more commonly known as a bastard sword. The handle itself seemed
to be carved from stone, the pommel taking the form of a skull, adorned
with horns or spikes. The cross guard was the skull of a beast, its
horns weaving outward like a goat's, curling around itself. She turned
her body so that she would face the girl completely, her hair creating
a wave of pink as it was thrown outward because of the spinning motion.
When her hair rested back down upon her back and shoulders, she nodded
to the girl firmly.

They stood
within the only section of the dark and disgusting world of Hueco Mundo
that was graced by sunlight. It was a wretched thing, the sun, as it
stung the eyes and gave a hue to Koza's perfectly achromatic flesh.
Still, the sky's color when the sun was out was so awe-inspiringly
beautiful that Koza couldn't help but forgive the sunlight. It was a
wonderful shade of azure all day, every day, with a few cotton balls
floating around within it. The clouds were a bit distracting, but
occasionally they would take the form of humorous shapes that could
amuse Koza for hours, so they were forgiven as well. As she thought
about this she looked up to the beautiful azure sky, seeming a bit lost
in its wonder for a split second. Her eyes then fell upon the courtyard
where they stood. Along the borders and in a few remote places were
patches of grass and flowers, maybe age-old attempts at filling the
place with a garden. However, scars ran deep through most of the
courtyard, making it impossible to foster life. The scars were in the
form of massive gashes or crevices that were the direct result of
ressurecion releases, ceros, and even a few balas that managed to miss
their mark and create a small crater within the terrain before them.
They stood now upon the bridge that hung over the Courtyard, a white
marble-like structure that hung from metal cords. They were several
dozen feet above the ground, hanging limply upon marble slabs that by
all rights should not have been supported by such weak, steel cords.

She could already tell that her Fraccion was either weak or anxious,
neither was a very good sign. It was true that Koza, being an Espada,
held an aura of horror about her, but she couldn't due with a student
that spent more time quivering in her boots than she did paying
attention to what Koza had to teach her. The thought of such a girl
being frightened of Koza without Koza even having to leak a fraction of
her spiritual energy was a bit disappointing. Then again, it could
be that she is afraid I won't find her worthy of me. I do remember that
she was a privaron..Maybe she only wants to learn from me to eventually
retake her place as an Espada... If that is that case she does have
cause to fear me without having seen any of my strength.. She
thought to herself. Though it was a long shot, it was a bit comforting;
at least more comforting than the thought of a student so weak that she
quivered in the face of a figure that hadn't even release their
spiritual energy yet.
"I am glad you came so early, it
means we will have longer to train. You have quite the grueling period
ahead of you if you expect to become stronger." She told the girl in a voice that seemed to be a mixture of authoritative and empathetic.

looked down at her Fraccion, the same smile still on her face, and
scanned the girl warily. The girl was younger than she, quite a bit
shorter, and looked a bit too innocent for Koza's taste. However, looks
were deceiving. The girl's blanched hair was kept short, with some form
of band run through it, most likely to hold it in the style she liked,
or merely for decoration. The girl wielded a katana, like the majority
of their kind, yet unlike Koza. She only hoped that the girl's true

form was a bit more frightening than her sealed form was. Suddenly,
Koza disappeared. The only warning that came with the disappearance was
a flickering of her appearance and the sound of what seemed to be a
soft clap or snap. As suddenly as she had disappeared, Koza would
reform in the center of the lower level of the courtyard. She did not
look up to her student, she didn't wait for the girl to follow, but
instead continued to walk across the courtyard to an area that seemed
to have been specifically designed for combat training. It was a large
circle, traced in chalk, and void of any life. In actuality it was
probably an espada's bala that had gone off target. The Espada would
most likely turn the crater into a training area for his Fraccion; they
were crafty like that.

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I am Sasuke Uchiha, the kage of the Sound, the leader of Snake, and your worst nightmare. Try to kill me and you die, fight me and I'll rip your head off. Leave me alone and you might live... but I can't promise you it.

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I suppose I have to repost this
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