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 Haku's weapons

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PostSubject: Haku's weapons   Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:13 pm


Name: Bo-staff
Type: Staff
Looks: The staff is a simple bo-staff, being six feet in length. It is cut off at either end, giving a rough, circular, end to jab with. The wood is a waxy, beige color, covered in marks from where it took hits and handed them out.
Description: N/A
Limits: The staff is simple wax wood, it can take a beating but it will break if not taken care of.

Obtainment: .,:;Easing Slopes, Descending Slowly;:,.


Name: Hakkyou
Type: Naginata
Looks: Hakkyou is a legendary Naginata which has an oak shaft, decorated with kanji engravings and silk wrappings. The shaft itself is around four feet in length, the blade being only a foot shorter. The blade is engraved in gold with runes from a language no one can decipher. It's blade gleams even in the dark, as if it were catching a light no one else could see and reflecting it in a form that everyone can visualize.
Description: Hakkyou's main ability is its ability to tear through chakra. The blade is said to be so keen that it can cut chakra in half, which is can. This makes it a powerful weapon against ninjutsu specialists. It can combat any ninjutsu A-ranked and below. However, wielding this weapon for more than five posts at a time will kill the user. Even after those five posts it is unwise to use it again in the same topic.
Limits: See above.

Obtainment: .,:;A Rising Star, A Hero Destined to Fall;:,.


Name: N/A ((Spear))
Type: Spear
Looks: The weapon is a basic spear. It is made of a blackened wood, wrapped in leather where she would be wielding it, giving her better and more comfortable grip. The steel head of the spear was crafted for piercing, and is serrated on either side to make it easier to pull back out of the flesh of her opponents. The spear itself is six feet in length.
Description: N/A
Limits: This weapon, like the Bo-staff is just a regular weapon, meaning that it has its limits; it isn't indestructible.

Obtainment: .,:;Examining a Prodigy, The Slopes Steepen;:,.

Name: Poseidon
Type: Spear/Trident
Looks: Poseidon seems to be crafted of some kind of stone, possibly obsidian or onyx. It is black in color, and glassy; meaning that it is difficult to decipher individual crystals on the stone. The shaft is smooth and straight, with black leather banding to provide a grip. Right before the head of the trident is an odd, almost gothic decoration that doesn't seem to serve any real purpose. Then there is the three prongs that earned it its name.
Description: Poseidon is able to create and release bursts of water in the form of spheres. These water bursts require chakra, but it doesn't have to be water chakra. The bursts have the power equivalent of a C-ranked ninjutsu technique.
Limits: Poseidon can only release up to three bursts of water every five posts.

Obtainment:.,:;Examining a Prodigy, The Slopes Steepen;:,.

Name: Hiuchiishi - Flint
Type: Spear
Looks: The spear's shaft is made of a violet-tinted steel. It has insulation in the form of a wrapping of cotton covered by a wrapping of leather where the user can grab the weapon. It's head is in the form of a massive flame, frozen in time. The flame reaches out into a point at the end, each edge razor sharp.
Description: Hiuchiishi's head is made of a stone that sparks when it comes in contact with a hard surface. Then using both the air around it and the normal chakra the user feeds the spear, it can create flames. These flames simply heat the head and shaft of the spear, increasing its damage.
Limits: If the user isn't holding the handle of the spear it will burn them as well. It is extremely draining to use the technique for several consecutive posts.

Obtainment: .,:;The Final Straw, Abandoning a Lifestyle;,.


Name: Hogosha - Guardian
Type: Halberd
Looks: The shaft itself is carved from a mahogany wood, polished and smoothed out to be as beautiful as possible. The head of the spear is tied to the shaft through a thick, heavy cable made of some kind of twine. The cable is reinforced with chakra, ensuring that it will remain secure in battle. The head of the spear looks to be the remains of a massive creature's claw. It's forearm was carved into the blade, and its appendages stick out on the other side. Hanging from the head are two feathers.
Description: Hogosha is the most durable of her weapons, besides the legendary Hakkyou. It can take quite a beating without sustaining any visible damage, due to the chakra that is stored within the two feathers that constantly reinforces the blade.
Limits: Losing both feathers would cause the Halberd to disintegrate.

Obtainment: .,:;The Final Straw, Abandoning a Lifestyle;,.


Name: Teikoku - Empire
Type: Armor
Looks: The armor, as seen in appearance, is a traditional knight's armor. It covers her torso, and legs, with leather chaps and chainmail underneath the provide further protection. It comes with grieves and gauntlets to allow for full protection during battle. However, the armor is still flexible with many plates of armor set upon screws that allow for a full range of movement. It is trimmed in gold paint, with a flower made of crystals embedded in the torso.
Description: The crystals within the torso of the armor store chakra, which she implants in the crystals before battles and before resting. As a result, they have quite a lot of chakra waiting to be tapped into, which can be used to rejuvinate and restore her chakra reserves in the middle of battle.
Limits: It can't store more than 40% of her chakra level, meaning that even at maximum power it can only restore her 40%.

Obtainment: .,:;Joining the Winning Side, Exile of a Hero;:,.
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PostSubject: Re: Haku's weapons   Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:21 pm

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Haku's weapons
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