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 Sora Kagirinai

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PostSubject: Sora Kagirinai   Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:38 pm

General Information

Name:Kagirinai Sora
Rank:S-ranked Akatsuki
Village: Hidden Hotsprings

Personal Information

Likes:Sora likes reading stories to himself before going to bed. He enjoys talking to others when he is in a happy mood. He enjoys eating sweet foods and other junk foods. Sora likes to take walks through new places and old ruins, he enjoys studying buildings and architecture along with weapons. He likes seeing new things and looks up to the ancestors before him in his clan.
Dislikes:Sora hates watching people who talk about nothing but themselves and they're achievements. Bitter and tasteless foods are another of the things he hates and refuses to eat no matter how rude it may make him look. He hates being near other men that aren't closely related to him, by close I mean hugging and sitting next to each other.
Personality toward other people:Sora likes to talk to other almost all the time, he doesn't like silence so he tries to start a conversation with others a much as possible. He tends to get to close to females of his age or around his age. When talking to them he seems to drift off sometimes and day dreams about random things that may have been mentioned or not even mentioned in the conversation. He doesn't like having anyone behind him and usually walks behind or next to other people.
Combat:In combat Sora usually tries to analyze the persons fighting style before making any big moves unless its necessary. He likes to drag out battles if there with a person that he finds very interesting to fight, possibly trying to learn how to do they're techniques perhaps, he doesn't know the real reason why he does it. He avoids fighting younger people then him by at least 6 years. When he is in a fight he knows he cannot win, he attempts to escape with carefully placed plans and traps that will give him enough time to escape.


Weapons:Weapons:Name of Weapon: Muramasa's Katar
Powers: Chakra can be used to make it sharper and lengthen the blade.
History: A Simple Katar with a fancy name that can be summoned with a summoning tattoo on Sora's wrist.
How you got it: Bought in a shinobi's supply store in the Hidden Hotsprings village.
Violent Wind Palm
Wind Cutter
Blade of wind
Spiraling Wind Ball
Great Dragon Fire
Great Fireball

Background/RP Sample
Birth To Five years old
Sora was born on the hottest day of the winter time on the day December the 17th,It was a day when the snow melted away and the sky shone brightly with the sun high in the sky. His parents were very happy on this day, they're son was born and the day was perfect for the land. They named His Sora which literally meant Sky. He was born with a messy head of bright red hair that stuck up in the left side of his head. Over the years he was a reckless child and always getting into trouble, getting himself hurt, but it didn't matter he was able to heal his injuries quickly like the rest of his clan. He always seemed to be the jokester of his village. He would do anything people told him to do as long as he got some attention, he was abit of an attention seeker as he was a child.
Training with Grandpa
When Sora became six years old his parents sent him to his grandfathers home to be trained to become a shinobi, they did not want him going to the academy to become a shinobi and stay on the same level as all the other kids. His grandpa would put him through training that would last hours on end and would make the other ninja his age break under pressure. Sora tried his hardest so he could get the attention of everyone around him, he would push himself to the limit. He was trained to use the katar weaponry by his grandfather who was a master of the arts of kenjutsu. He enjoyed the time he spent training with his grandfather.Soon by age eight he was at a very high level of kenjutsu. For two years straight he trained in kenjutsu. His grandfather then moved him onto Ninjutsu training. He was found to be a wind and fire user. He was very adept at using jutsu and learned quickly, enabling him to train his ninjutsu quickly and move onto the next thing he would have to train. He was a natural ninja by the time he was ten years old. Another two years spent training his techniques. He then moved onto training in Taijutsu, it required much physical effort from him, and Sora was a fragile young man. This training was the hardest on him so far, he did not give up yet though. Learning multiple arts of fighting with legs and fists. He wore weights over the two years, never allowed to take them off. This improved his physical strength and his speed, along with stamina. When they moved onto training genjutsu they realized that Sora had no talent in it, barely able to use a simple B rank jutsu. He was a high ranked ninja by age 15 and he couldn't use genjutsu correctly. They went into great depth in the training. It took an extra year but he was then able to use genjutsu correctly and learn how to defend himself from genjutsu. When he became seventeen years old, he returned to his parents.
The Return Of a Shinobi and the Leave of a Criminal
Sora was no longer the little child that they had known, he was a grown young man. His parents told him stories about they're clans history now since they never had the chance to back when he was a child. They told him about how the clans powers were abused to take point in a war. They were used as weapons to the villages advantage. He could feel anger rising in him. He wasn't going to tolerate what the village did to his people. After leaving the room, leaving his parents alone. He prepared himself to kill the elders of the village who were alive during the third ninja war. They were the ones who tricked his people. They were the ones he needed to exact his revenge upon. When the guard was lowered on a festival, the elders guard had left on holiday except a few. When the guards left the room he crashed through the back window and ran to the three elders, stabbing them with the katar he had summoned upon entering the room. A Silent assassination. Suddenly one of the guards came to check on the elders, finding the bloodied corpses and Sora with a bloody weapon. It wasnt very hard to picture what happened here. Outraged the guard charged at Sora, in self defense he stabbed the guard in the neck easily, another guard had stood back and watched as Sora did so and alerted the village. He then fled the scene and ran to his house. He knew what was going to happen to him if he stayed here, he would die. He grabbed a few essentials and ran from the village, he used the back gate that was shrouded in shadows, making escape easier for him. He was able to get away unharmed. He broke down and nearly cried at the act he just committed as he finally came to his senses. He then ran farther to another village and hid out for a while. News was sent to the neighboring villages. Sora was labeled a missing ninja, A-Classed. He was said to be dangerous and very insane.
Joining Akatsuki
When Sora turned twenty, he was still a missing ninja and hasn't been discovered in the villages he goes to. Soon he came across a small building in the middle of a forest, he could see Many people with Cloaks that had red clouds on them. He heard about them before from his grandfather, they were a group of strong shinobi, as his grandpa explained it simply. He approached them slowly and was quickly surrounded by them. Sora quickly acted on instinct and jumped into a tree, telling them he wasn't here to fight, but to join them. He wanted to be known as a strong shinobi as well, no matter the cost. An orange haired man came forth and told him to prove his worthiness, and tell him of his history. He had a spar with one black haired member, Uchiha Itachi was his name. The Uchiha easily captured him in a genjutsu and defeated him with mind games. The one in the orange scoffed and decided to atleast give the boy a chance to prove himself. Allowing the boy to join, he got a ring that had the kanji sphere on it. Then received a cloak that had a large collar. He also received new clothes and shinobi tabi. He wasn't partnered with anyone as no one was free to take as a partner. He hasn't had a mission yet as he's only been in Akatsuki for a week now.
RP Sample: Zero glared around his surroundings as he realized he was surrounded by a jutsu, Escape wouldn't exactly be easy this time. He tsked at the Other Uchiha and sighed as he hated fighting other uchiha. "Why Must I always end up fighting Uchiha.." he muttered and grabbed his sword from his belt and lightning surged around it every so often making static noises. " I'll Go all out on this one." he muttered under his breath and prepared his self for an attack.He thought for a moment and placed his sword in the ground and made handseals under his coat where they could not be seen. He had activated a Genjutsu that would appear on the outer ring of the lightning barrier. It would show Taimoshi Uchiha beaten on the ground when he gazes upon it.

Even If he doesn't believe it, that moment he looks at it will be long enough for me to get close and attack him.. Zero had thought to himself. Zero began running towards Kirai slowly at first then in an instant nearly dissapeared and snow and dust were flying in a circle around Kirai as Zero circled him quickly almost unable to be seen. He waited for a moment when Kirai wasn't looking and made another jutsu inside the dust and snow clouds. Suddenly four Zero's emerged from the cloud and continued running the route and it seemed like Zero was in four places at once. A Clone then jumped from the route and swung the kusanagi at Kirai. If he was to be struck or if the clone hits him, Kirai will be stunned for a moment unable to defend himself.
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PostSubject: Re: Sora Kagirinai   Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:49 pm

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Sora Kagirinai
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