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 Izuna Uchiha

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PostSubject: Izuna Uchiha   Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:22 pm

General Information

Name: Izuna Uchiha
Age: Supposily 90-110
Gender: Male
Rank: S-Ranked,Tsuchikage

Village: Iwagakure
Clan: Uchiha

Personal Information

Madara Uchiha
The Uchiha Clan
Iwagakure and Konohagakure
Respecting others and gaining it in return
Powerful Opponents
Senju Clan
Anyone that Opposes Iwa and Konoha
Weak Opponents
Annoying people


Weapons: None
Elements: Lightning,Wind and Water.
(With Sharingan,He can use the others)
Transformation Jutsu
Substitution Jutsu
Body Replacement jutsu
Water Prison Technique
Tornado Lightning
Clone great Explosion
Body Flicker
Water Clone
Temporary Paralysis Jutsu
Shadow Shuriken Technique
Muniplated Shuriken Technique
Shadow Clone
Multishadow Clone
Time delay jutsu
Healing Resuscitation Regeneration
Chaotic Mental Collision
Chakra threads
Fine affliction extraction
Chakra Scalpel
Mystical Palm Technique
Secret Healing Injury destruction
Dead Soul
Time Regression Technique


History & RP Sample


Eighty years prior to the start of the series, Izuna and his older brother were said to be equals as the most gifted members of the Uchiha clan, and they usually competed with each other everyday in order to get stronger. Both awakened their Sharingan early in life, and they became the first Uchiha to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan. Madara used the power of his Mangekyo Sharingan to take control of the clan, with Izuna at his side. When Madara eventually went blind, he took Izuna's eyes to regain his sight. Itachi Uchiha suggested that his eyes had been taken by force, but Madara insisted that Izuna had willingly given up his eyes for the good of his brother and the clan. According to the Third Databook, Izuna later died in battle.

As the younger brother of Madara Uchiha, who was the strongest of the clan, Izuna himself was said to have been equal to his brother in every way. Both of them had exceptionally high levels of chakra, even for Uchiha members.
Izuna's Mangekyo Sharingan, developed sometime after Madara's, took the appearance of three bars stretching out of his pupil. When Madara took his eyes, the two's Mangekyo combined. Izuna's loss of his eyes rendered him blind, but he managed to survive, and continued to battle. However, with this sudden disability, it led to his eventual death on the battlefield.

Presumed dead by most. His so called "Final Opponent" Was a Uchiha also. The Uchiha actually loved and praised the ground Madara and Izuna walked on. More like a stalker then a fellow family member. She would break her on immediate family's neck just to be a slave of Izuna. He willingly offered his eyes to Izuna who,without a doubt too the eyes and created a genjutsu clone to make it seem like he was dead by placing a illusion over the dead body of the blind Uchiha. By killing the Uchiha,one of his own and already having the body skill of a mangekyou weilder he regained the Eternal Mangekyou quickly by inserting another Uchiha's eyes inside his sockets. Izuna roamed the Ninja world in many disguises. Until one day, He reached the valler of the end. He spotted a familiar looking male fighting with a member of the Senju clan. He sat and watched the battle take place the whole time. Afterwards,Once Hashirama Defeated the familiar man and left. Izuna quickly appeared to the fallen body and reconized it was a Uchiha. Madara Uchiha to be exact. Izuna took the mask of Madara as a reminder of his older brother. Not even wanting to take the eyes of Izuna back. Afterwards he roamed far north from Konohagakure because of the memories it brung back upon Izuna and migrated to Iwagakure. Their is where he became the First Uchiha to have live in Iwagakure.

After training intensely unlike his older brother. Izuna is now the strongest Uchiha alive since his brother is not whole. He was voted Tsuchikage by his village soon afterwards.
RP Sample:
Tachi Flash danced to the valley of the end,on his way to Otogakure. He flash danced ontop of the Statue that resembled the great Madara Uchiha as he looked at the other statue which had a great deal of confusion dealt to Tachi once he stared at it in it's earthly eyes. It was as if Hashirama himself was looking at Tachi but was ready to attack Madara Uchiha. The eyes of tachi flashed red and his 11 blades aimed their sharpened blades at Hashirama. With a smirk of Tachi,immediately the blades attempted to strike Hashirama's face seeing as how the legs of both ninja were destroyed somehow. Suddenly Tachi felt a sudden intense chakra presence, A white flash appeared before Tachi's eyes,a young boy looking ninja was standing ontop of Hashirama's head as he glared at Tachi. The 11 blades were attracted to the bottom of the waterfall,deep in the water. Arashi was the ninja's name and he used a Gravity Release to attract the 11 blades to the water of the waterfall which in result left the 11 bades in the bottom of the ocean. "Your name?" Tachi asked as his smirk faded at the sight of this new ninja. Slowly pulling out his blue lightsaber.
Arashi looked at the Madara Uchiha Statue and then Tachi."Arashi, if you took this Statue,I will kill you." He said as he had a smile afterwards. "...." Tachi smirk appeared once more. "Don't believe me?" Arashi Leaped into the air towards the crimson eyed ninja, "Try me!" he shouted in slight anger. The 11 blades vanished from the bottom of the lake and appeared 25 meters away from the body of Arashi,aiming their blades at Arashi surrounding him in the air in 11 different directions."Die.." Tachi Said as the 11 blades,on their own will attempts to strike Arashi in 11 different positions. Quickly Arashi starts to preform handseals but he isnt fast enough, Tachi smirk and surprised that Arashi was able to dodge only 8,being pierced in the left thigh,left forearm and right shoulder."AH!" he shouted in pain,the pain grew larger as he fell into the water,the pierced blades in his body vanish from his body and float around Tachi as he smirks.
Star,Arashi's pet and so called lover leaped into the air behind Tachi. With mixed emotions of happiness and anger fused with confusion she just attacked anyone she saw. Star blasted herself towards Tachi from behind using her chakra control as a push from the bottom of her feet. She swung her umbrella at Tachi with great force,trying to deal damage to the waist. It was quickly blocked by one of Tachi blades. Star shifted her body and flipped ber body using a push from her chakra and attempts to slam her right leg to the head of Tachi. Tachi swiftly shifted his body to dodge the attack and grip his right hand around her ankle,shifts his feet and then his eyes to the ground before him and attempts to slam her. Star was heading to hard ground and her soft physique it would easily hurt her badly if hit hard so before she hit the ground,Star gripped the hair on the back of Tachi's head and shifted her left leg infront of her,bent it so when she crashed down,his head was coming also but it was going to land on her knee. "Damn!" Tachi said before his forehead landed hard on her left kneecap. She let go of his head after shouting in pain which awakened Arashi's rage. Tachi jumped back in pain. "...For that,you will perish." He said as all 11 of his blades appeared aiming themselves at Star,only 5 meters away each. Tachi held out his hand,open palm. With force he firmly shut his palm indicating the Blades to strike as they attempted to do.
Arashi who layed underwater used Body Flicker to have himself appear just in the nick of time. With his fully activated Crown Clown blade out,appearing standing over they moveless body of Star and blocked all 11 of the blades with his own larger one. He pushed as the blades bounced off and glared at Tachi who smirked back in response. "Don't hurt her,this is between me and you." Arashi said as he dashed off at a very average pace he clapped his hands,mastering the Doppleganger jutsu all to well he cloned himself once which appeared on the right running at a faster pace. Tachi stepped back and then looked at the doppleganger,not noticing that the real Arashi speeded up and swiftly duck and swerved his body over to Tachi. Some may say he slithered but it was in that type of manner. The doppleganger preformed handseals and had his right hand glowing as he activated the powers of his left eye,attempting to absorb Tachi's abilities and life force but decided not to. He deactivated it but that still didn't keep him from attacking. Star who slowly sat up,in intense pain from the slam was only able to open her right eye,seeing Arashi's strategy as he attacked. The real Arashi struck Tachi above the nose,bottom of the forehead and between the eyes. He preformed the Temporary Paralysis jutsu,then immediately afterwards glanced at the 11 blades. The doppleganger used 'Gravity Release: Attraction' and touched Tachi on the chest while he was temporarily confused meaning Each 11 blades will now be chasing after Tachi.

Izuna:Your time will end.Izuna has rose again and wants to Destroy Konoha.
Madara:Yes,Us Uchiha will Dominate as the Superior Clan and Rule Konoha The birth of the Uchiha Clan.

Tenshi's permanent doujutsu:
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PostSubject: Re: Izuna Uchiha   Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:27 pm

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Izuna Uchiha
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