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 Genkai najioma

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PostSubject: Genkai najioma   Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:45 pm

General Information

Name:Genkai najioma
Rank:chuunin of star village
Genkai wears Geta instead of the normal shinobi sandals on the bottom
of the geta is metal thick enough to block blades he wears a white kimono with a light blue phoenix going around his left arm and shoulder
more then normal clothes yet it seems it does not hinder him at
all on each hand he wears a jade ring also on his wrists are seal like

Personal Information

Likes:fighting without killing, people, and his village
Dislikes:arrogance, others pain, killing, people who talk about themselves too much
Personality toward other people:mature and wise for his age Genkai is often the peacemaker instead of
the starter of fights but do not be fooled underneath that once attacked
Genkai becomes an animal who will fight to the death if it means his
opponent will fall he will go through extreme amounts of pain to kill
his opponent once in the state of battle lust only Yura can calm him
down before his own body breaks down although this state has only
happened that severely once


Element(s):wind and water
Weapons:ninjutsu, taijutsu and kenjutsu although he is only self trained
Jutsu:Name: Wind Drill
Rank: D
Element: wind
the user wraps wind around their arms or arm and compresses it into the
shape of a drill like weapon and thrusts it towards the enemy
attempting to pierce them
Weakness: short range makes a hit hard to get unless you surprise the enemy

Name: Wind Spiral
Rank: C
Element: wind
the user wraps wind around them and creates a violent tempest of wind
around them similar to the hyuuga's defensive rotation and the sphere
of fast and violent wind deflects weapons and some jutsu
Weakness: the user cannot move from within the wind spiral sphere or they will be wrapped within the wind and hurt possibly

Name: floating wall
Rank: C
Element: wind
the user compresses air and forms spheres of air/wind under their feet
this allows them to actually float or fly through the air for a short
amount of time and if they add this while jumping the distance they
cover is much greater
Weakness: while in the air the user is more easily targeted

Name: Tempest
Rank: B
Element: wind and water advanced element ice
the user surrounds the area around them often 5-20 meters with violent
winds then they add water to the mix and cause massive winds that spray
water everywhere blinding and confusing the opponent and the user after
a period of time (three posts) the winds and water will be swept into
the air incredibly high where the high winds and freezing temperature
with cause the water to freeze and by using their chakra the user form
the water into ice spikes which rain down from the sky at high speeds
appearing only to be a streak of light
Weakness: takes three posts to activate and if the user is close to the enemy they can be caught in their own attack

Name: water bullet
Rank: C
Element: wind and water
using the wind element the user fires water out at incredibly high
speeds in small forms like a mouthful of water note this does not mean
the water comes from the users mouth these water bullets can cause
severe damage to skin ripping and tearing it open a direct hit can
pierce into the users body
Weakness: needs a water source to be constantly used

Name: ice dragons
Rank:D-S depending on how much chakra is put into them
Element: wind and water to make advanced element ice
the user forms water into the shape of a dragon or dragons and using
the wind element causes them to freeze into ice dragons these dragon
explode on contact freezing everything and anything they touch with the
area the highest possible amount of area to free would be a thirty
meter radius
Weakness: can cost quite a bit of chakra and he user is open a bit after the jutsu is performed

Name:water tornado
technique that utilizes water to create a spinning water vortex around
the user. The water vortex acts both as a barrier and an attack
mechanism. The power of the vortex is enough to knock an opponent

name:water clone
Water Clone Technique is similar to the Shadow Clone Technique except
it creates clones out of water. Like other solid clone techniques, the
clones can be used to perform tasks the user is unable or unwilling to
do for themselves. The range of the clone is limited however, as it can
not travel very far from the original body. Additionally, water clones
only have one-tenth of the original person's power, as stated by Haku.
Like other clone techniques, if the water clones are injured enough
they will revert back to normal water
weakness:the clones only have one tenth of the users power

name:water prison
jutsu is used to trap a victim inside a virtually inescapable sphere of
water. The only downside to this technique is that the user must keep
at least one arm inside the sphere at all times in order for the victim
to remain imprisoned. Clones can be used in place of the actual person,
provided that the clone is the one that performed the technique. This
jutsu can't be performed without a sufficiently large body of water to
supply the water for it. Neji Hyuga has been able to use his ability to
release chakra from all of his pressure points to disrupt the flow of
chakra inside the prison and break free. Despite the fact that the
prison is made up entirely out of water, and the target is unable to
move while within it, the target is still able to speak
weakness:user must keep their arm within the sphere of water

name:black rain
jutsu creates a flammable black mist that forms a small cloud. The user
can then move the cloud above their target and disperse it, covering
the target in flammable oil.

name:exploding water colliding wave
spitting out a great volume of water from his mouth, the enemy is
swallowed up by this advancing surge and crushed. The user can ride the
wave, allowing them to move at high speed, and attack the enemy, now
swept off their feet, without fear of counter-attacks. When used with
Kisame's enormous chakra, even dry wastelands will turn into an ocean
weakness: drains quite a bit of chakra

name:great waterfall technique
Release: Great Waterfall Technique is a technique that forms a strong
column of water to attack an opponent. Due to the force of the water,
the target will be fully enveloped and at the mercy of the current as
they are pulled away

name:hand of waves
description:This jutsu will produce a fairly powerful jet of water from the user's hand
weakness:can only be used from the users hands

Name:water slicer
jutsu will create a fast jet of water running through the ground that
is powerful enough to slice through solid rock
weakness: However, it can easily be avoided by jumping upwards

name:sticky capture field
user projects a stream of sticky, syrupy liquid which can be spit onto
a surface to form an adhesive trap or onto a person to inhibit their
mobility. Channeling chakra to one's feet allows one to walk upon it

name:underwater motion
technique allows the user to propel themselves through a body of water
by using their chakra. While underwater, this technique will also
partially mask their presence

name:water fang
This jutsu creates a circle of crushing water spikes around the
opponent. It is very difficult to evade, however it will also require a
sufficient water source nearby the target, preferably right below it
weakness: needs water preferably right below it

name:water dragon whip
jutsu creates an orb of water from which several sharp whips of water
emerge that can be directed towards and impale a target or multiple
weakness:needs water

name:water dragon bullet
Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique takes the form of a giant,
powerful dragon, created out of water. This jutsu needs forty-four hand
seals, the highest amount of hand seals necessary to use a jutsu shown
in the series so far. Another drawback to the technique is that it
requires the user to be near a large body of water to complete the
weakness:needs a large body of water

name:water cannon replica
jutsu enables the user to control surrounding water and moisture much
like Gaara controls his sand. It can be used to block most incoming
attacks, bind or drown opponents, and shape the water into various
attacks, allowing the user in conjunction with the Summoning Technique
to allow water-based summonings to fight in areas that it normally need
water to move around by either trapping the target in the same water or
maneuvering the water to allow the summing to chase the target. It is
able to extract and utilize groundwater, and as is very effective most
areas, but useless in rocky areas

name:violent water wave
gushes out from the mouth like a waterfall and washes away the enemy.
One can freely control the power of this technique with the amount
chakra one releases. Having many variations, this is a basic Water
Release technique
weakness: the user cannot move as quickly while shooting the water out of ones mouth

name:blade wind
description:This jutsu creates a blade of wind The blade is said to be impossible to block because of its intangible nature

name:windy vortex
user makes a giant hurricane using his Blade of Wind that draws enemies
into the hurricane, violently slashing them

name:dusty winds
user creates a gust of wind that layers an area in loose sand and dust.
Doing so also acts as a sandblaster on the surrounding area, causing
the surface of trees to become like saw dust This layer of debris makes
it difficult for others to get a good footing The initial gust can also
temporarily blind opponents by lodging sand in their eyes
weakness: can cause damage to the field and limit the users movements

name:spiral wind ball
jutsu allows the user to breathe wind-infused chakra into the palm of
their hand, shaping it into a small ball shape whirlwind. Then the user
will shoot it at their opponent This jutsu seems to be very fast and
very powerful seeing as it is capable of smashing through thick rock

name:beast wave arm
jutsu is somewhat of an enhanced version of the Wind Release: Beast
Wave Palm It used chakra to infused with and condense a mass amount of
wind to form a massive demonic-like claw extending from the user’s
dominant hand to strike and grab a target as well as deflect any weapon
or attack. In addition to making it a deadly short to mid-range weapon
the extending claw also carries tremendous force that can devastate
anything in its path without affecting the user, making it useful for
dislodging solid and heavy objects
weakness:uses massive amounts of chakra and demonic chakra

name:whirlwind fist
user delivers a punch that releases a giant adaptable whirlwind used a
close range the damage can be quite severe as the user will be cut open
by violent winds and be sent flying away
weakness:must come into close range

name:wind binder
user compresses the air around an area and slowly the area will become
harder and harder to breathe in once the right amount of time has
passed (seven posts) the enemy will suffocate the user is not affected
by this move at all
weakness:if the enemy leaves the area they are fine

name:dempsey roll
begins with a series of dodging and ducking motions, using the abdomen
and legs to turn the upper body. During this stage, the head and
shoulders move in a near figure-eight pattern. As one speeds up, one
moves forward a step at a time. Once approaching the opponent, one
pushes with the legs and utilizes momentum created by the rolling
motion to throw powerful smooth punches, often hooks, to the body or
head while still moving back and forth in the figure-eight to keep up
the momentum and avoid incoming punches once caught within the move it
is almost impossible to get out of it
weakness: the simple and predictable side-to-side movement makes it vulnerable to well-aimed counter punches and head-on shoves

name:corkscrew blow
punch which was well known for the cutting damage that it would inflict
on his opponent's faces. It is punch that is in the same league as the
Counter so far as power is concerned. It most closely resembles a
Straight, but is thrown inward while twisting the shoulder, elbow, and
wrist. The Corkscrew uses the same science as that of a bullet firing
out of a gun, where the combination of a spinning projectile and
excessive force causes a greater impact. The motions involved are
similar to that of a Screwball in Baseball and this analogy is fitting
as the punch has a noticeable "wind-up" sequence that makes it somewhat
weakness:can easily be seen as the user is about to use it

name:heartbreak shot
the heart is hit hard enough it stops for an instant, paralyzing the
victim for a brief moment (one post) Genkai is able to accomplish this
extremely difficult, pin-point blow using the Corkscrew Punch

name:liver blow
Body Blow that is incredibly damaging because it is aimed at a vital
organ, the Liver. It is a close range attack that requires a
substantial amount of lower body strength in order to be damaging.
Stepping in with the lead leg and using it as a pivot, the entire body
is rotated and the power is derived from this turning motion. If it
were to hit hard enough the punch would have the potential to cause the
ribs to tear at the Liver's surface
weakness:one must come in close to use it

name:solar plexus blow
the user throws a small precise but very powerful blow to the solar
plexus The blow affects the diaphragm and can cause the opponent to
momentarily lose function of their lower body meaning they cannot move
their legs for (one posts) this only affects the legs
weakness:must come in close

Name: Kurenai Hasu
Rank: C
Element: -
the user can turn plants into flowers or their elements but not people
say they touch a person with this technique it will do nothing only
plants and their elements they can turn to flowers to a certain extent
one cannot turn a mountain into flowers

Name: Hana Doku
Rank: C
Element: -
anything the user transforms into a flower can emit a paralyzing toxin
into the air which does not affect him the poison toxin is clear and
has no smell only one with medical ninjutsu would be able to tell it is
there (paralyzing take total of 5 posts to take effect and will
paralyze for one post only)

Name: Hana Kuro-n
Element: -
the user confuses the opponent by tricking them into thinking they are
in a genjutsu with a genjutsu that shows the enemy what they want by
when they go to strike the final blow the user turns into a pile of
flowers often used to counter other genjutsus

name:wind disks
description:the user
throws one or two hands into the air and spins the around the wind
wraps around above their hands and forms an invisible disk which can be
thrown at opponents due to the compressed state and how thin the disks
are they are incredibly sharp and powerful
weakness:obvious the user is using a jutsu

name:wind blaster
description:the user forms a blast of high powered wind on their elbow giving the punch increased damage
weakness:can only punch in one direction

chakra into their hands the user hardens the muscles to an extreme
level to the point where one can compare the hardness to even metal

name:poison bubbles
user spit bubbles from their mouth these bubbles are the size of a
soccer ball and each holds a poison within them once popped the poison
spread throughout the are
weakness:the bubbles are slow

name:hidden mist deadly poison
to the hidden mist technique the are is covered in a dense fog but the
mist is poisonous first the eyes will be rendered useless making them
blind (two posts) then when a certain amount of time (five posts after
blindness) the enemy will die the user is not effected
weakness:they can escape the area

name:sticky capture clone
user forms a clone out of a sticky substance the clone cant attack very
well but it is very sticky and able to reform easily so if the enemy is
caught it is hard to escape

name:water needles killing death
element:water and wind
the user summons great amounts of water from a nearby source and sends
it into the sky where it hovers over the opponent and when the jutsu is
finished the water bursts and starts to fall in mid fall the water
forms into thousands of needles that lock onto the enemies position and
fire down from every direction
weakness:needs a medium sized body of water nearby

name:water tendrils
user forms ropes or lines of water and wraps them around the opponent
while slowly engulfing them to the point where they cant gather oxygen
and to make sure the opponent cant use handsigns the user increases the
density of the water making it impossible to move

name:rabbit punch
user punches the back of the enemies neck or head causing a brief
stopping moment (one post) this is very dangerous to use as it can
cause brain damage or nerve damage to the enemy it is not to be take
weakness:must come close

name:kidney shot
user fires with pin point accuracy a punch to the kidneys this punch is
very painful and can cause the enemy who is hit by it to urinate blood
weakness:must come in close

name:chakra fist
the user fires chakra through their fists as they hit their opponents
the chakra goes through the body and out the back the enemy feels as
though their internal organs are being hit directly every time creating
incredible pain often one cannot take more then three of these punches
weakness:must come in close

is a combination jutsu using tekken and wind blaster the user throws
punches into the liver, the kidney's, the jaw, the temple and finally
the solar plexus the move is an utter kill shot anyone hit by all of
the punches is knocked out for sure and risks being killed by the blows
but the move does not stop their after the final hit to the solar
plexus making sure the enemy cant move the user hits the enemy with the
dempsey roll finishing them completely
weakness:must come in close

Background/RP Sample

Background:Child arc:0-5 Genkai was
born in the star village was originally considered a nothing like every
other ninja from the moon village but unlike them Genkai had an
incredible urge to become strong was it not a ninja's greatest feat to
become the best of the best due to this Genkai from the age he could
walk was trained in the way of ninja as he spied on the others who used
the deadly starstone (this is before naruto and his team destroyed it)
he found that way cheap and unworthy of his talents also he did not
like the aura it gave off it seemed evil in his eyes so he had no part
in it even at the urging of his parents

By the age of four
Genkai had become sufficent in taijutsu to the point where he could
take almost anyone within the village down with it he was starting to
learn ninjutsu next it became harder for him as ninjutsu drained alot
of chakra he trained constantly to build chakra the elders were
astounded the boys chakra level was actually above genin rank already
little did they know Genkai actually had the ability to surpress his
chakra and release it at will thanks to his Kekkai Genkai which he is
the first of to have as even his parents do not have the Kekkai Genkai
their mixed blood allowed the birth of a new Kekkai Genkai

the age of five Genkai was considered a prodigy among the star village
ninja old and young he was expected to do great things he was already a
master taijutsu user and using ninjutu at a chuunin level at the urging
of the hoshikage he was brought before him "what am i doing here Hoshikage sir?" he bowed politey while asking even at the age of five he was mature and level headed the Hoshikage smiled before answering "Genkai
your are the shining star of our village i want you to use the chakra
enhancing star to increase your power even further to help the village"
Genkai was afraid this may come up one day but knew he had to handle this delicately

Genkai cleared his throat before answering "Hoshikage
i will no use the star to increase my powers as i do not need it i will
become the shining star with my own power and show everyone i am the
strongest with my power not the power of some fallen star i will be
strong for our village with my own power"
the Hoshikage a bit
angry knew he couldnt order Genkai to do anything as that would cause
unrest within the village and he couldnt afford that so he placated
Genkai "as you wish Genkai i will respect your
decision as such i would like you to train with my personal bodyguards
as to speed up your training"
Genkai knew this was a ploy to make sure the Hoshikage could keep an eye on him but he could not refuse

Genkai nodded slowly and bowed politely again "i would be honored to train with such skilled shinobi my lord Hoshikage" he smiled knowing the hell these me were going to go through with him "but as a condition they must do everything i do when i train can we agree?"
he asked playfully the Hoshikage never having seen Genkai train agreed
right away note most shinobi from star village are weak they are noted
because they have excellent chakra control but not Genkai he was a one
in a million chance of pure shinobi skill from one of the weakest
villages ever and was the Hoshikage going to regret his decision

leaving the Hoshikage's office Genkai went straight to his training
spot an old waterfall with targets, dummies, weights, kunai, shuriken,
scrolls, swords of every shape and size Genkai put himself through hell
to be able to use everything here and now the Hoshikage's body guards
were going to get a taste of hell he started slowly with a mere one
thousand push ups and sit ups the guards made it through that at least
but they looked beat already while Genkai barely sweat at all as he
walked to the waterfall for chakra concentration and control sitting
under the waterfall one must extend their chakra from the hands to form
ropes or shapes to do so requires great skill and precision while the
star village ninja excelled in chakra control they never did it under a
roaring waterfall makin it hard concentrate and keep the shape of the
chakra solid

Within the hour Genkai had brought them there the
body guards were exhausted they couldnt keep up with the child as he
put on several weights and began to run through his personal death trap
training course they were amazed at his speed and quick reflexes but
even so Genkai made his death trap hard wounding even himself with the
spring launched kunai with minor explosive tags and the fuuma shuriken
shooter which shot out fuuma shuriken which all four blades shot out at
the enemy the Hoshikage's body guards seeing Genkai himself get wounded
were wary to try on the death trap but they couldnt just leave within
an hour and decided to try on the death trap without the weights each
was wounded some severely but all made it through as such Genkai
grinned and held up the weights "now for i again but harder!" he smiled sweetly as the Hoshikage's bodyguards ran back to the Hoshikage's office

Arc:6-8 Genkai being so strong and being able to use such high level
techniques for his age skipped the academy compleely under the direct
order of the Hoshikage who was furious that his men had coming running
back begging to not be around that crazy child anymore he knew Genkai
was a force he could not control easily and that was not good as the
boy got older he would grow more defiant possibly the Hoshikage became
paranoid and deeply thoughtful about the boy known as Genkai he had to
do something son or the boy might direct his power at the Hoshikage
instead of the Hoshikage's enemies

Genkai aware the Hoshikage
would not be happy about what he had done also knew as strong as he was
now was not enough the star village while strong in chakra control they
lacked any real strength the shinobi were often weak in every aspect
but chakra control this would not do for Genkai he wanted to be strong
in everything so even other villages would know star village wasnt just
some weak pathetic village and could do things for themselves instead
of relying on the major villages for help as they often did in serious
matters which he secretly found pathetic to rely on others meant your
werent strong was his thinking back then at least

The Hoshikage
got wind of a small invasion force from the mist village only six
shinobi were coming to the star village that was an army their entire
force of shinobi may be able to take on three or four ninja of chuunin
ranks but these were six jounin of good skill and power and the
Hoshikage had no way to send for help for as the mist shinobi were
nearly on their doorstep he thought to himself the force behind him may
be able to take down three jounin with heavy losses but after that the
remaning shinobi would be slaughtered he had no choice he had to make
Genkai's prescence known to the world before he was completed

had heard the rumors of a small but powerful invasion force coming to
the village at first he was shocked what had they done to provoke the
mist village why did they deserve this he thought but then he grinned
as his body shook finally someone strong to show his power to he was
overjoyed when then Hoshikage called him in as he did he noted the
seriousness and respect the Hoshikage was giving him as he explained "Genkai
your our only hope i hate to do this i truly do as you are not complete
yet but your are going to be our frontline i need you to hold off four
of the mist shinobi so our forces can deal with the others"

Genkai was shocked he thought maybe he would fight one or two while
they took the others down but four it was practically suicide but he
nodded slowly "i understand my lord Hoshikage"

few hours they had to prepare went by in a flash for Genkai he was told
to act helpless as he charged the enemy and strike down one right away
if possible but let two by before becoming serious Genkai nodded and
the the hopes and fears of everyone on his shoulder he headed towards
the six mist jounin acting as though afraid he ran until he met the
jounin who had not sensed his chakra or prescence until the last moment
when he let them he fell in front of them fake tears in his eyes "help our village is being attacked by a demon!?!"
the jounin caught off guard regretted their hesitation as he jumped up
and sliced off the head of one of the jounin and jumped back as another
sliced his arm open "oh shit that kid got us!" Genkai faking being severely hurt lowered his chakra even more as he backed away slowly

mist jounin not to be taken off guard again aprroached slowly to
Genkai's dismay none of them were trying to go ahead of him towards the
village which meant he had to fight all five of them Genkai gritted his
teeth and suddenly the jounin backed off as chakra came flying from his
body clearly visible and clearly at a jounin level of chakra his eyes
normally orange turned silver as was the color of his chakra the light
seemed to reflect off of them the jounin didnt know what to make of
this kid they surrounded him slowly and came charging in which was what
Genkai wanted moving only slightly to allow the jounin to puncture his
body with their kunai and swords as he knew he could not dodge them all
missing the vital organs taking the blows was painful but he didnt die
his chakra control was so focused and powerful he managed to make it
into spikes skewering three of the jounin to death and wounding the
last two badly but he himself was on the brink and they knew this it
was only the arrival of several squads of star ninja is when the mist
ninja turned back fleeing quickly Genkai collapsed after his first real
battle and the first time he had ever taken a life at the age of six

arc:7-10 After passing out due to his wounds Genkai's eyes had gone
back to normal and his outrageous chakra had been surpressed back into
his body he awoke within the village medical facility surrounded by
flowers and gifts from the villagers as he was considered a hero but
Genkai was furious with himself if those star ninja had not shown up he
would be dead and he would have become nothing but a grain of sand in
the history books at this thought he clenched his fists so tightly he
tore into the skin on his palms he swore on the blood that he spilled
himsef he wouldnt die no matter what before he became known throughout
history his vow was completely sincere and honest

The Hoshikage
came to visit Genkai the day after he awoke and congratulated him on
his promotion to chuunin Genkai was confused until he saw the headband
he was being offered since he had not gone to the academy it had been
declared that he would not recieve a headband until he was a chuunin he
took it and placed it around his head slowly the Hoshikage declared he
was now one of the strongest shinobi in the village if not the
strongest already but Genkai knew this to be wrong while he may have
won but that was because of the arrogance of the mist jounin and the
luck of his Kekkai Genkai abilities which no one within the moon
village knew about yet Genkai planned to keep it that way as well he
needed to get stronger and fast those two jounin may return one day he
thought to himself with more the six people

Genkai healed
rapidly as they had medical ninja treat him everyday they couldnt let
their star ninja sit out of the game for long or who knew what might
happen Genkai went straight back to training and thought things would
be the same but he was very wrong indeed Genkai being stronger then
anyone in the village was given missions three or four man teams could
not do but he had to do them under the orders of the Hoshikage and the
peole of star village were counting on him his first ranked mission was
B ranked his job was to protect a princess of a neighboring country and
escort her to the konoha ninja waiting out of the borders of star
village's territory several times people had tried to assassinate her
already they couldnt allow it to happen here and did not have the
manpower to spare to protect her so the job as given to Genkai

was given the specific details of his job and was told to treat her
like he would anyone else as he and the princess were going undercover
as mere peasants to go under the radar of any enemy mercenaries or
ninja that were out to kill the princess they set out the next day the
princess was called jade he soon found out why due to a birth defect
her hair was naturally a dark green color and her eyes were a neon
green they seemed to glow in even he darkest of places making her
easily spotted if one knew her description as such Genkai kept a straw
hat over her head the entire time they traveled together which turned
out to only be a few days

upon reaching the border of Konoha
Genkai let his guard down and that is what the cloud village were
hoping for as they were a mere two miles from the konoha meeting place
where he would give the princess to them four cloud ninja jumped out
three chuunin and one jounin their mission was to capture the princess
and hold her hostage for the return of two jounin class ninja who were
being tortured in her country as they had been caught on a mission they
demanded the small seven year old chuunin from star village give the
princess to them now Genkai refused politely and took up a stance as
his chakra exploded from his body higher then even the jounins the
chakra was silver as were Genkai's eyes again with a dramatic slash of
his finger one of the chuunin's chest exploded with a deep gash across
it effectively wounding him to deeply to continue the fight the jounin and his team
not understanding what happened scattered hoping to throw Genkai off
but Genkai could still feel the pain from the mist ninja's weapons he
wasnt going to let that happen again

Genkai's main concern was
the protection of the princess as the jounin would let the chuunin try
to take him down in order to get to her little did he know Genkai's
chakra could be very selective if he so chose to make it so meaning he
could pierce through the princess and not harm her while stabbing the
jounin through her body he fell back his left arm all but useless now
the chuunin rushed in thinking Genkai was distracted only to have their
eyes cut open by a chakra wave invisible to the normal eyes of a
shinobi one got lucky and had only one cut out so he brought his
comrade back and the jounin and chuunin watched Genkai calmly they were
baffled by this child how could he do such things he was a mere star
ninja was he not they could not fail they were determined to defeat
this boy and get the princess so their comrades may be free once again
they charged at Genkai with a plan that may kill one of them

seeing something was different lowered his chakra levels and compressed
it into his body so it might explode if needed the jounin jumped in the
air and came down with a katana that extended out like a whip but
Genkai had seen such weapons before and was not caught off guard he
quickly moved to the side and ducked slamming his palm into the jounins
chest and forced his chakra out sending him flying but the chuunin with
one eye came in with a fire jutsu which burned his arm badly as he had
not the time to draw it back Genkai knocked the chuunin out with a
single kick to the temple but to his shock and surprise the blinded
chuunin was right behind him with a lightning jutsu charged in his
hands he grabbed onto Genkai and fired all of the electricity he could
into Genkai who was paralyzed almost instantly could not pull away as
his body was shocked severely he fell smoking to his knee's as the
jounin came back from his chakra enhanced flight admiring the boy's
power and resolve to fight all four of them alone he said he would
spare Genkai's life but they were going to take the princess now

started to laugh darkly as he stood up slowly the pain he felt was
nothing compared to when he thought he was going to die suddenly his
chakra exploded again but much stronger as he was furious how dare this
piece of trash say he was going to spare him he thought as he moved
with chakra enhanced speed hitting the blind chuunin in the back of the
neck knocking him out right away not a hard feat considering he was
blind and out of chakra the other chuunin was still out as Genkai had
kicked him as hard as he could in the temple the jounin was shocked
again by the boy's drive to keep fighting what was this he charged but
Genkai moved quickly snapping his wrist and hitting him in the chin with
a chakra enhanced fist the jounin could stand no longer he fell unable
to use his legs he looked at Genkai with fear in his eyes Genkai looked
down at him with his warm silver eyes "it is i who shall spare your life this day cloud ninja and tell people of what has happened Genkai Najioma is here"
he calmly walked away with the princess to the konoha meeting place and
bid her a farewell as she left with the konoha jounin squad she had
said not a word to him the entire time

Genkai's return home
was uneventful he rarely stopped and was home within two days time his
mission was completed he had done his job but as he came into the
village he was summoned by the Hoshikage who was furious with him "what happened the princess never made it to the konoha ninja why?!?" Genkai equally furious of being accused in such a way yelled back "i
did give her to the konoha ninja after taking care of four cloud ninja
who i might add came to take the princess away from me before i could
do so"
the Hoshikage did not doubt his words as Genkai looked
ragged, dirty and wounded with burns from the electricity all over his
body still but the konoha ninja said that Genkai never came to the
meeting place which could mean only one thing the konoha ninja had lost
the princess and were trying to blame the star village this could turn
out badly for star village he knew while the country the princess was
from was small it was strong and had many hired hands to help them if
they thought star village had taken the princess which they did at the
time then star village would be wiped out their strongest shinobi was a
beaten and ragged chuunin right now and the enemy was ready to strike

Hoshikage had no choice he must try and buy time for the village in the
hopes that they could get help later on as the Hoshikage prepared for
war Genkai sat in his room thinking to himself he had heard the rumors
of the old man of the mountain who held great power yet no one dared
approach as he was rumored to be a demon Genkai had thought long and
hard he wasnt invincible they needed help or else they were going to be
wiped out he stood and disobeying orders went to the mountains he
Hoshikage hearing about this thought he was running away and sent his
most trusted bodyguard to go retrieve him if possible if not try and
kill him

Genkai left the village thinking about how useless this
may be was how would some stupid old man help them in their time of
need bu h had no choice even if it was only a small hope they needed
something he sped towards the mountains at full speed meanwhile the
Hoshikage had entered negotiations pleading and wheedling the enemy for
time to retrieve the princess as they had merely misplaced her his
whole goal was to buy time for the star village may have a chance to
survive the upcoming battle Genkai had reached the peak of the mountain
now and there was a cave inside sat an old man withered and bald with
age he smiled at Genkai as he approached him "so see they have sent someone finally" Genkai raised an eyebrow "what are you talking about?"old
man laughed softly and thats when Genkai got a look at his eyes they
were like a cats yellow with thin oval shapes in the middle "what the hell?!?" he backed up slowly as the old man stood up and held out a hand to Genkai "give me your hand sonny boy these old bones arent what they used to be" he grinned slightly at Genkai

grabbed the man's hand and in and instant the old man had pulled him
close on each of his fingers was fire he grabbed the seal on his chest
that Genkai had thought was a tattoo of some kind and pulled the seal
off of his skin it seemed to pain him quite a bit yet he tore it away "i hope you survive kid i really do sorry but we cant let this thing get loose again and i have no strength left"
Genkai watched as the old man collapsed and with the seal removed the
Nibi or two tailed cat beast was freed Genkai couldnt move so terrified
of the beasts chakra levels he actually stood there and let it send him
flying with a backhanded swing with it's claws he skid across the
ground he got up slowly asking himself what the hell he was going to do
against that thing until he felt that shaking in his body again he
grinned he knew the answer why to get up and fight to prove he was
strong! he stood and let his chakra explode from his body as it did the
Nibi stopped confused while the boy's chakra levels were far lower then
its own they were still impressve for a seven year old giving a primal
scream the boy came charging in with a singe punch where he gathered
every bit of chakra he had in it the Nibi answered his scream and swung
its claw at him the resounding chakra waves clashed and destroyed the
peak of the mountain it was at this time the Hoshikage's head bodyguard

Genkai was almost done he was severely wounded from the
Nibi's much stronger chakra but it seemed the Nibi had been wounded as
well as it screeched "i guess im done for"
suddenly Genkai saw the Hoshikage's bodyguard who had pieced together
what Genkai was doing and offered his body to Genkai and his life force
to seal the Nibi inside of himself he cried out in pain as its enegy
flew into him it was too much he thought he was going to die suddenly
the pain stopped and he could feel his wounds starting to heal
themselves he could hear a faint voice inside of him "boy i so do hate to be trapped but i suppose your better then that senile old fool"
Genkai knew it was the Nibi it could be nothing else and he knew with
this now he could do anything the Nibi's chakra levels sent his already
high chakra off the charts completely

Genkai now knew why the
people feared the power of a demon and the power was amazing Genkai
took off running for star village which was already in battle and being
beaten badly on the field they were pinned down as the enemy used
advanced weapons and skills against them they had no choice because no
one could use above B ranked jutsu here they had no way to stop them it
had to come down to a frontal assault the two sides clashed on the
battle field and the star ninja were being pushed back still when
suddenly the enemy forces were cut down by nothing! and a huge cat with
a forked tail making it have two seeingly made of chakra came down from
the side of the village roaring with power it drew in a huge breath and
let it all out as a massive hurricane and tornado decimating the enemy
forces Genkai had arrived finally the Hoshikage thought this battle was
over but the enemy continued to fight as well as they could so the two
tailed beast form Genkai drew back its paw and let loose a huge wave of
chakra destroying the entire forest they were hiding in killing almost
everyone of the enemy and ending the fight completely and this was the
day Genkai became the nibi host at the age of seven

By the age
of eight Genkai could effectively control the cat beast form and choose
when he entered it he had come to terms with the demon who liked to be
called Yura and was female as she pointed out the first time he said
Yura was a good guy her fury overwhelmed to the point where she made
him smash his own head into a steaming bowl of ramen he apolgized
sincerely to the store owner and to Yura Genkai found Yura to be
actually pleasant while in a sealed state and she explained to him
often the tailed beasts became violent and insane without a medium or
host to provide them with stabiity that is why they often went on
rampages or attacked someone there were those among them she told him
such as the kyuubi who were violent always and must be sealed at all
costs or they disrupt the balance of the world and try to kill
everything until it was alone on the earth Genkai nodded understanding
the tailed beast were incredibly dangerous but he didnt care he
actually considered Yura a friend he told her so she dismissed but but
she dismissed it gently she simply couldnt hate Genkai something about
him made her feel as though he were her kitten of sorts and she must
protect her kitten

Genkai thought he had nothing to worry about
now and was sent on many chuunin missions it wasnt until about five
months after the almost war that nearly consumed star village was
brought up again terrified that star village had gained access to a
bijuu through some unknown method that the village had hired an actual
army of ninja and hired mercenaries to bring star village down this was
not good for the star village as around this time their allies were
quarreling amongst each other so help was not an option realizing they
would need a plan of some sort and couldnt rely on just Yura who was
sealed inside of Genkai he went to the Hoshikage when he proposed a
trench warfare to the Hoshikage so that they might better use their
chakra abilities the Hoshikage whole heartedly agreed with the plan and
he wanted to have Genkai command his own squad of the best shinobi the
star village had to offer besides himself Genkai accepted right away
and had the shinobi and villagers start to form a trench around the
entire battle field which was barren due to the chakra wave Genkai had
used in his two tailed form

Upon the arrival of the vast army it
seemed star village was outnumbered five to one but they had traps,
defenses and their main weapon for this the trenches if the enemy
wished to get to the ninja they had to enter the trenches where the
star ninja could use their incredible chakra control to its fullest
abilities the first wave came in almost five thousand strong over half
were samurai luckily and taken in by the many kunai and shuriken traps
over seventy five percent of them had been killed before they even
reached the trenches and when they did Genkai disobeying orders todo
what he thought was best for the village appeared in his demon cat form
and killed the rest of them with a massive chakra wave causing the rest
of the enemy to tremble and falter they could not best the demon cat if
he was surrounded by allies too many would protect him and give him a
chance to retaliate and retaliation from that thing was most likely
going to heavily damage their forces which they couldnt afford in a war
what a shame it would be to take down the demon cat but lose to mere
star ninja the enemy commanders thought

Warring Arc:10-12 After
the first wave of troops and ninja came in from the enemy Genkai and
his squad with the help of the trench warfare were able to draw the
armies into a stalemate neither side could move from their respective
positions or they may lose it all two years this stalemate had been
going now each side had heavy losses Genkai started with fifteen other
men in his ninja squad he now only had four left each scarred and veterans of
many battles now but soon the stalemate would be broken as other lands
started to come to peace they took notice of this and sent spies or
watchers often to see which side would make the first move and to see
which side would lose it started with a simple misunderstanding a kumo
ninja had gotten behind enemy lines of the star ninja and was being
attacked the enemy thinking star had sent the demon cat squad to their
backside focused their attention there as they did this Genkai took his
chance and transformed into his demon cat form the Hoshikage furious at
Genkai's disobedience could do nothing as Genkai led the star ninja on
a courageous charge to destroy the enemy

The enemy soon found
out what really happened but could do nothing to get their attention as
the troops were distracted by the kumo jounin Genkai reaching the enemy
lines first shattered them with one sweep of his claws sending waves of
chakra and wind at them giving his chakra to the Star ninja temporarily
they were able to use high level jutsu and decimate the enemy lines
further as such the enemy surprised and morale broke scattered
retreating back to their home country and village the mercenaries left
to unknown places but Genkai and the Hoshikage were in agreement this
could not be left the way it was that village must pay they had killed
many shinobi of the star village and falsely accused them of kidnapping
their princess they sent the demon cat squad a mere five ninja to make
the enemy atone for what they had done upon reaching the enemy village
Genkai transformed into the demon cat and the four men within his squad
stood on him so he could transfer his chakra into them and unleashed a
holy storm upon the enemy vilage it was a massive hurricane along with
four giant tornados that ravaged the village to the point where most of
it was rubble feeling the job was done Genkai and his squad left the
village was considered a casualty of nature but most knew Genkai
Najioma and the demon cat squad had been there but no one could prove
it the Hoshikage furious once again with Genkai' crazy actions through
him in prsion for a month

Peace Arc:12-25 after the warring with
the enemy ended Genkai dedicate himself to training completely in the
solidtude of the star village mountains with Yura whose vast knowledge
and wisdom sped his training up greatly upon the orders of the
Hoshikage Genkai came back to the village as the ninja world was
becoming restless again

RP Sample:
ya know how i rp o.o
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In a fast check, I see only one thing wrong with it.

The Ice Dragons jutsu, C-S Ranked, beeing a chuunin 25 year olded, you must explain somewhere you have chakra big enough to make S-Ranked dragons.
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Genkai is a bijuu container thats the only reason but i can lower it to only A or B if you want ^^
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Genkai najioma
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