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 Kagerougakure Takeover. ~Death to Freedom~

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PostSubject: Kagerougakure Takeover. ~Death to Freedom~   Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:17 pm

Izuna Uchiha reached Kagerougakure alone. Wearing his mask so people would not reconize the famous Tsuchikage who has became the 2nd Tsuchikage for almost a hundred years and still counting. He is the only kage to have lived this long and still in office. Also being the first Uchiha to live in the Earth Country. Izuna Uchiha made history in 3 different ways. He is the first Uchiha to dwell in Iwagakure but not birth their. The first to have fully lived over 100 years in whole form. Lastly but not least the only Kage to have been in office for so long and still counting.

Izuna walked around the forest of The Hidden Haze Village in search for villages until he saw the rooftop of a home. He put on a devilish grin under his mask and walked towards,what it looked like,the home of a villager. He body flicker onto the the rooftop of the home using only little of his chakra. 1% to be more accurate. He instantly was spotted by a jounin who reached slowly for his tanto which was strapped to his waist like a regular blade. As he did so looking back to make sure he was grabbing it, Izuna escaped with unmentionable speeds and leaped forward towards another rooftop. He leaped from more houses to more houses. very easily. Until he reached the center of the village where several people spotted him. He stood in the middle as crowds of people glared cautiously at Izuna. The masked mysterious ninja he suddenly appeared. He raised both of his arms. Chuunin and above ranked ninja surrounded every exit. Suddenly Up to 500 Clones of Izuna were absolutely spawning beside each member of the village. As it seems,Izuna had preformed Clone great explosion. His Eternal Mangekyou's abilities are still unknown.

"Take me to your leader." He said as he glanced at every single ninja that was in a 5 mile radius. "I have a proposition for him and if he doesn't want to see his people and village obliterated. I suggest he get his ass here now." He said quite strictly.

A fellow jounin hesistantly started to mumble words. Standing right next to a Clone who turned to him and tilted his head." Do you know anything?" The clone asked the Jounin who looks like he had just recovered from a upper limb injury do to the bandages wrapped around his left arm. The Jounin was also left handed so that was a really big mess up. "..Ye-...yesss. I-i do sir, He's just up there" The man pointed to a very tall building which looked like a man was glaring down at the Situation. The Real Izuna smirked and glanced up there seeing that the man must be very important to live in such a tall and wide building which is heavily gaurded. The Hidden Haze Village's Kage stared right at Izuna. Izuna used Flash Dance to appear standing 5 meters behind the kage. The kage was suddenly surprise at the speed of Izuna. He turned around but Izuna already reached to grip the man's neck. "I wanna make a deal." Izuna stated as he grasped the man's neck. "Ah!..ah..argh.." The man was being strangled so words could not be let out. "Shut up!" Izuna said as he loosened his grip. "Damnit, wha-what is the deal you purpose?" The man asked as he tried to get as much air to his lungs as possible. He sounded a bit light headed aswell. "Serve under me and Iwagakure and you shall not have your village destroyed. Your life taken and the villagers aswell." Izuna stated cold heartedly. "Wha-what...what do i get in return?" The kage asked obviously some what agreeing to those terms since he basically had no choice. "Your life." He said as he dropped the kage out of his hands and onto the floor of the room. "Now stare into my eyes." Izuna said as he stooped down and leaned his head forward,Eternal Mangekyou almost too eager to resist such an opportunity to blackmail. The kage sighed since he knew mostlikely this is the end for his own free will. The Takeover of Kagerougakure was too easy. The kage stared into the eyes of Izuna. Izuna smirked on the inside of his mask and slowly raised his right arm to touch the Kage's forehead. "You are mine." Izuna said as he used Chakra control along with his sinister Eternal mangekyou and trasnfer it into the eyes and mind of the Kage. The Kage is now under the complete control of Izuna. This did not even need to waste chakra. The clones in the village vanished and Izuna charged up his chakra back up. He simply left the village afterwards.

OOC: He cannot control his actions but If the kage goes agaisnt his will he can control him. Thats only then xD

Izuna:Your time will end.Izuna has rose again and wants to Destroy Konoha.
Madara:Yes,Us Uchiha will Dominate as the Superior Clan and Rule Konoha The birth of the Uchiha Clan.

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Kagerougakure Takeover. ~Death to Freedom~
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