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 The Six Tailed Host

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PostSubject: The Six Tailed Host   Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:23 pm

General Information

Village: Leaf

Personal Information

Likes:Being lazy, Sleeping, watching the sky, talking to his friends.
Dislikes:Loud people, obnoxious people, soggy foods, bitter foods, running around, working.
Personality toward other people: Kirin likes to have short and sweet conversations usually, He usually tries to make friends with people he meets, hes quite the charmer around the people he meets, he usually is able to appeal to everyone.


Weapons: normal shinobi tools
Cloak Of Invisibility
Clone Technique
Rope Escape
Body Flicker
Violent Water Wave

Background/RP Sample

Background: Kirin was born on May 5'th and he was born very small and wasn't going to survive unless an outside force helped him, they tried everything possible but nothing worked, The leaf had recently captured the six tailed beast, Kirins parents pleaded them to seal it in the son to save his life. They agreed as long as they could use him in a time of war, the parents just wanting the son to live agreed to the deal. Kirins life was saved thanks to the large slug like monster, giving him monstrous chakra amounts for his age.
Around age seven he joined the ninja academy, he was a loser in the class because he couldn't do anything correct as he was unable to access his chakra stores due to the seal on his body, they cut off alot of his own chakra stores. He was a failing student two times in a row until he could access some of his own chakra stores, he was able to successfully do his test.Being promoted to genin was a great thing for him, but like other Jinchuriki he was hated upon by the village people, he grew a strong hate for most the people in the village.
RP Sample:

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Sasuke Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: The Six Tailed Host   Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:52 pm


I am Sasuke Uchiha, the kage of the Sound, the leader of Snake, and your worst nightmare. Try to kill me and you die, fight me and I'll rip your head off. Leave me alone and you might live... but I can't promise you it.

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The Six Tailed Host
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