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 Ryuoka Tana(not finished) Suigetsu is a no go

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Naruto Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Ryuoka Tana(not finished) Suigetsu is a no go   Fri Nov 20, 2009 5:03 pm

General Information

Name:Tami Tana

Personal Information

Likes:Likes fighting, ramen (likes alot), Sushi,Rainy days
Dislikes:Non-rainy days,Konoha-Kiri-Iwa-and Suna ninja
Personality toward other people:Toward other people she is quite the layed back lazy girl version of shikamaru. She loves rainy days and ramen. She loves to eat ramen during rainy days lol how ironic. Toward the Villages i just named she really hates them because they don't have as much rain as Ame lol she could never hate Kuso or taki god knows why lol.


Secondary sub:Fire (E-ranked)
Weapons:carries around an umbrella...I posted it in the weapon creation.

Description:basically it just starts to rain. but with this type of rain it falls down hard and fast like bullets.
Weakness:Weak against metal based jutsu's strong agaisnt Combustion based jutsu's

Name:Ice shard rainfall
Description:After a while when the rain has started, Ryuoka will then cast a freezing heep of wind from her umbrella and it will freeze the rain she has previously summoned. When the rain is frozen it will turn into ice shards that will vicously pelt the foe.
Weakness: Strongest against Plasma based jutsu's, Weakest against Glass based jutsu's

Name:Eternal ice dragon
Description:with Ryuoka's umbrella she quickly focuses a mass amount of half her chakra in it and with the help of her rain and wind she quickly and calmly makes a Ice dragon. She can control the movements of the dragon with the help of her umbrella but when this jutsu is cancelled or she is finished with it she is quickly immobilized.
Weakness:Strongest against Plasma based jutsu's, Weakest against Glass based jutsu's

Name:Water clone jutsu
Description:simple...makes clones out of water
Weakness:Weak against metal based jutsu's strong agaisnt Combustion based jutsu's

Name:Poison smog
Element:Fire and Wind makes Poison
Description:Ryuoka makes poisonous smog using the wind currents and fire generated by her chakra and umbrella
Weakness:Strongest against Light, Weakest against Mist.

Background/RP Sample

Childhood Arc:
As a little girl growing up was hard for Ryuoka. She had to feed herself, stick up for herself and also take care of her and her baby brother. But i am getting way to ahead of myself let me start from the day she was born. When Ryuoka was born her mother and father looked at her in discuss they named her ryuoka because in the japanese kanji it means failure. a week after they came back home they left Ryuoka on the couch by herself. She would cry and cry for milk and food, but the parents just ignored her. the only time they actually fed her was for her to shut up. Then when Ryuoka grew to age 2 the brutal realtionship grew more and more heart breaking. they would beat her if she didn't come home from school at a certain time, the would beat her when she didn't prepare the food to there liking and they would beat her if she was in bed with her eyes open. Her life was pretty screwed up. It became even more screwed up when her mom had another baby and it was a boy. In the process of having the baby the mom died and the Boy survived. the dad was so miserable with out his wife...he killed himself forgetting about the kids and himself. Ryuoka was only 8 when that happened and she was scarred out of her mind she didn't know how to take care of a baby and she cried for a long time.1 night when she was asleep her baby brother was crying. she went to go check on him. When she went to go and feel his head he was hot....he had a very high fever. She didin't know what to do she couldn't do anything. she didn't know where to go she cried and cried and after a while the baby stopped crying....she looked at her baby brother who was only 5 months and shen she looked at him he was dead.... That night haunted her for the rest of her life.

Academy student arc:
Still haunted by that image she left all of those hurtful memories behind and trained herself to her full extintent....
RP Sample: (If above Chunnin)
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Ryuoka Tana(not finished) Suigetsu is a no go
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