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 The Shadow with a Light.(not done)

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Shinkuro Torishinshira

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PostSubject: The Shadow with a Light.(not done)   Thu Nov 26, 2009 3:19 pm

General Information

Name:Shinkuro Torishinshira( Divine Shadows, A thousand Divine Lights)

Age:15 going on 16 in 2 weeks.




Village:Hidden Sound.

Personal Information

Likes:Women, swords, fighting, making friends, training, cool jutsus.
Dislikes:Enemies, death, massacre of villages, destruction, insults.
Personality toward other people:Shin is a clutz. He is so clumsy, a shadow clone would look like someone else when he needs a copy of his own body. But that only happens when he is not focused. As a clumsy person, Shin is also a fire-hearted person. He trains everyday, spars with other genin-even though he loses- and he goe son extra missions. Shin also likes to disguise himself as a girl and go into the hot springs. On his birthdays, he likes to request for B rank missions. That is how he is a fire-hearted person. Even though people don't like him-for he has a dark secret- he tries to make friends.


Element(s):Sound and Fire.
Weapons:I will post link and I will list names. i will post link as soon as I make it in weapon creation. Same for jutsu.
Titan Blade: DoraKuro(Dragon Shadow)
Titan Dagger:Akumo Kuro(Nightmare Shadow)
Ninja Tool Roulette I.
Spiked Gauntlets
Sound Slash
Sound Flurry
Fire Slice
Fire Gun
Fire Bracer
Phoenix Breathe Jutsu
Phoenix Flower Jutsu
Fireball Jutsu
Fire Style: Minor Dragon Bomb Parade

Background/RP Sample

RP Sample: (If above Chunnin)
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The Shadow with a Light.(not done)
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