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 Itachi's Quarters

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PostSubject: Itachi's Quarters   Sun Jun 21, 2009 11:39 pm

Itachi appeared into the Akatsuki base via flash step. When he Entered he had an aloof look upon his face. He was quite tired from all the walking he had just done just recently. Even people like Itachi needed rest once in a great while. He walked to his room slowly and undid his cloak to his mid stomach and hung his arm out allowing part of his cloak to hang off the side of his body. When he reached his quarters in the base he opened the door slowly making sure there were no traps, after all Itachi was an Akatsuki Spy sent by Jiraiya. When he realized there were no traps he walked in and closed the door slowly. He locked the door after he closed it and took his Akatsuki cloak off and hung it on a chairs side. He Stretched his arms and sat on the side of his bed.
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Itachi's Quarters
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