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 Quiver? Arai Ayer's Cloth.

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PostSubject: Quiver? Arai Ayer's Cloth.   Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:52 pm

His cloth if fused with a shard of the star (Achilles Heel) Naruto had destroyed years ago. There are many of these shards remaining, but they have been fused with items so the effects do not harm people, as the user is not using it directly. This cloth is light and very cloth like to anyone who uses it, but to anyone on the outside, it is like crystal, heavy, hard and painful when given a blow. The outside is not malleable, though the user can wave it like any cloth. This cloth is huge though, a quilt, wrapping around Quiver? protecting his entire body, with room for swinging giving good offense. (At least that is how it could be, Quiver? is just an academy student, so cloth is more like stone then diamond, and a little bit acward and heavy.) Throwing Knives also, he can reach through his cloth to get his hands outside and throw the knives. Their are four ends to the cloth, for the head, feet and where the other two come together, sides. He puts his hands through the sides. Inside he caries with him Dule Battle Axes just in case he needs to go offence.
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Quiver? Arai Ayer's Cloth.
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